The Music Show is an initiative of Hot Press Magazine. It was founded in 2009 and has since become established among the biggest and best events of its type in Europe.


The aim of The Music Show is to provide the ultimate forum for Irish and international musicians to come together in Dublin city – to explore the joys of playing music, to share knowledge, insights and information and to engage with fans and other musicians in an atmosphere of sharing and learning.

The Music Show is designed to serve musicians, bands, songwriters, composers and their representatives in record companies, management and publishing, by mounting a world class event with unique creative, educational, business, mentoring, artistic and live elements.

It is an ambition of The Music Show at all times to enhance the reputation of Dublin as one of the world’s greatest music cities, and to draw the attention of the international industry to the extraordinary rich well of music talent, across all genres and styles, in Ireland.

The Mission Statement of The Music Show also encompasses the determination:

– To deliver the highest level of affordable, democratic access to the greatest number of musicians and fans.

– To afford musicians the opportunity to see and test the latest in equipment, instruments and technology, enabling them to stay at the top of the game in terms of innovation.

– To give musicians, their representatives in management and business and the industry in general an opportunity to look to and plan for the future of music in one concentrated long weekend of activity by bringing together an array of international and Irish music industry experts, of high standing in the industry globally.

– To provide an essential networking opportunity for musicians and their representatives, enabling them to listen to, meet and talk to some of the most important and influential people in the business.

– To enable musicians, and especially young emerging musicians, the opportunity to learn directly from other top end professionals in master-classes and demonstrations.

– To create a unique showcase for some of the finest live performers from Ireland and further afield

– To extend the scope of its live programme so that it becomes a world classcity-wide event.

The Music Show encompasses a number of different strands, including:

* An exhibition of all the latest in musical instruments and equipment
* A live stage featuring many of Ireland’s leading acts
* Instrumental masterclasses and workshops
* Keynote speeches, panels and seminars
* Launches, demonstrations and tutorials
* Public interviews and other PAs and appearances
* ‘The MusicShow Hits The City” – a special series of gig in Dublin’s top venues

The Music Show 2012 is brought to you by Hot Press and is supported by IMIR (Irish Music Intellectual Rights), Dublin City Council, The Irish Daily Star and RTÉ 2fm.