The veteran producer was on the last Music Show panel of the day.

Wrapping up a fine day of debate and discussion in the Red Room, 5pm saw Steve Levine tell a rapt audience what it was like to record with The Clash and how he embraces technology in the recording process.

Also on the panel were former Beautiful South singer Briana Corrigan, who admitted that the thought of going into the studio without a producer was “unnerving, in fact, I wouldn’t want to do it, producer Ben Hillier and music and mobile technologist Stephen O’Reilly.

The particular yarns likely to stay with the audience were those about the late, great Joe Strummer. Levie talked of the very first time The Clash entered the studio, and how Strummer reacted when he saw that they had set up screens to stop noise bleed.  “I don’t know what ‘separation ‘ is,” Strummer told him. “But I don’t like it.”

We also learnt the punk icon would strum his unplugged guitar silently when he did his vocal takes, to get that special Strummer effect.