Kian Egan of Westlife has added his voice to the chorus of artists supporting the launch of The Artists’ Charter at The Music Show, in Dublin on Saturday February 25.

“I am delighted to back The Artists’ Charter,” Kian said in a statement issued in support of the charter. “Fair remuneration for artists is a human right, as the Charter says. We in the creative community have been ignored for too long in the file-sharing debate and the music industry simply cannot continue shedding jobs and revenues to the tune of billions of dollars. The Charter gives artists the chance to finally speak with one voice and say no more. I am backing it 100% and urge all you lovers of music to do likewise.”

The Artists’ Charter is unveiled at TheMusic Show on Saturday 25 February, at 12 noon. Among those taking part are Egan’s co-star in RTE’s The Voice, Bressie, as well as Barry Devlin of Horslips, Gemma Hayes and Steve Wall of The Walls. The charter was drafted by Gavin Bonnar, a barrister and writer, who is married to Sharon Corr.

“It is really important for musicians’ voices to be heard on this issue,” said Music Show director Mark Hogan of Hot Press. “The Music Show this weekend is a starting point – and we are expecting a great turn-out. It could and should be the start of something big.”