Gavin Bonnar has been a barrister in private practice for 19 years. He was called to the Bar of Northern Ireland in 1992 and to the Bar of Ireland in 1999. In his time at the Bar, he has appeared in the House of Lords and the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal. Gavin first developed his interest in mediation while working at peace camps in Norway.

In his teenage years, he was a member of Youth For Peace and then the Peace People, during the years of conflict in Northern Ireland. Subsequently, he studied law at Queens University, Belfast and then at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies, Belfast. He has developed a unique media law practice north and south of the Irish border and has represented many people in the public eye including Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Louis Walsh, and other high profile plaintiffs both at the Northern and Southern Irish Bars. Gavin also spends time in the musical world and is the author of The Artists’ Charter – to assist the creative industries in their fight for greater copyright protection in an increasingly digital age. He has written articles on libel and privacy law and recently made a submission to the Copyright Review Group in Dublin on the reform of copyright law. He was also a speaker at the World Copyright Summit in Brussels in 2011. Outside of law, Gavin Bonnar has carried out inward investment work for Northern Ireland in the United States, accompanying two former Northern Irish Secretaries of State. He currently sits on the board of a large South African based house-building charity and has received international recognition for his charity work and fundraising.