johnnyfean303w1Best known as guitarist/vocalist with the legendary Horslips (due to reform for a handful of gigs later this year) Fean has been playing guitar since the age of ten. Through his teens in Limerick he also played banjo, mandolin and harmonica in sessions at home and in County Clare. Along with local traditional music he was inspired by the rock and pop of the sixties, and he became particularly interested in blues.  His late teens found him touring in an outfit called Sweet Street and he followed this with a stint in a progressive country rock and blues band called Jeremiah Henry.
Invited to replace Declan Sinnott in the early Horslips lineup, he appeared on their debut Horslips album Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part and stayed with them until their demise in 1980 during which time the band released 12 albums and a multitude of singles and toured the world several times over. Later he formed The Zen Alligators with fellow Horslip Eamon Carr and he also played in Host 1983 with Carr and another ‘Lips alumnus Charles O’Connor. When Host dissolved, Fean recorded with various line-ups moving to England in ’86 to play with Treat. He later joined up with Stephen Travers in The Psychopats and in 2001 he came home to Ireland where he has lived and toured ever since! Horslips re-grouped in 2004 recording a new album, Roll Back which was released in 2004. Johnny continued to gig with Steve Travers under the name Fean & Travers and the band, now a trio currently perform as The Johnny Fean Band.