music-show-logo-webNicky Ryan is the producer of Enya’s remarkable soundscapes that have seen the Irish singer sell nigh on 80 million of albums around the world, scoring numerous hit singles along the way. In fact, an American business guru invented the word “enyanomics” to describe her ability to sell millions of albums without touring.  But while Ryan’s contribution to Irish music may have Enya as its star turn, it didn’t start there. Back in the late ’60s Ryan worked as a sound technician with various Irish bands, including Planxty, before he took over the management of Clannad with Roma Ryan. He also produced several superb albums with them, and encouraged them to invite Enya to join in the late ‘70s. After Enya split from Clannad they installed a 16-track studio in their back garden and developed her trademark atmospheric sound. After a deal with Warner Brothers in London, the Enya phenomenon was launched on the world, with the 1988 album Watermark spawning a worldwide hit in ‘Orinoco Flow’. Other massive selling albums followed, including Shepherd Moons, Amarentine,  A Day Without Rain and And Winter Came. Enya’s ‘Only Time’ was chosen as background music to the unsettling tv coverage of the aftermath of  9/11, she’s written for the soundtrack of Lord of The Rings and is a multiple Grammy Award-winner and Oscar nominee.