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Record Store Day: The Best of Irish

So, here’s the thing. In trying to answer some questions about the modern music-buying community (are most of them online? how much do they spend? how can we get them to breed? etc. ), we’ve all been able to poke holes in the Record Store Day format. We’ve all seen the proof that one big, fat day of booming sales isn’t enough to save the countless great record shops in Ireland and abroad from being forced out of existence. There’s also been lots of talk about major label bogeymen and Ebay pre-sales over the last 12 months, giving RSD a bad rap.

For me, the bottom line is that Record Store Day still works as a sales tactic. In 2012, vinyl sales were up more than 50% on the previous year’s event, and some shops enjoyed a sales hike of over 100% compared to 2011. Granted, Record Store Day won’t save the music industry, but it’s a worthwhile reminder to music-lovers to spend a little bit of cash.

The other thing is, I love Record Store Day and I always have a really, really great time getting my fingers dusty and chatting to people before and after gigs.

Last year, I treated myself to this completely dreamy collection of tracks from Bill Evans’ Live At Top Of The Gate on cobalt blue vinyl, murdered some free ice cream, caught some live music in the Twisted Pepper and used a trip to a handful of record stores as an excuse to pick up non-Record Store Day bounty, including circular physical versions of the Mmoths EP and Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth’s The Main Ingredient. This year, I’ll be figuring out whether or not I can justify Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die on 2 LPs of white vinyl, and also weeping a little that I agreed to work on April 20.

In the meantime, I’ve been having a listen to some of the best Irish-made RSD releases, and scared up a list of some of the free live music you can hear on the day itself.

I Am The Cosmos – Monochrome vinyl LP

The debut collaborative album from Jape and Lisa Hannigan drummer Ross Tuner and genre-hopping composer Cian Murphy, Monochrome set the blogosphere’s collective heart aflutter in February when it was released online as a free download via Brooklyn music site Noisey. If you haven’t heard it already, hop to it. A swirling collection of moody, ambient electronica, the nine-tracker deserves every bit of hype it gets and will sound positively hypnotic on wax. Psst. Look out for appearances from Cloud Castle Lake man Daniel McAuley, who lends his glass-breaking falsetto to ‘Esque’, and Solar Bears’ Rian Trench, who tickles the ivories on ‘Lost Rhythm.’

Limited to 250 copies. Available in Elastic Witch.

Wizards Of Firetop Mountain – ‘Sonic War’/’Dollar Hips’ 7″ vinyl

Despite what my current musical diet might suggest (since you asked, groove-led hip hop and R&B all the way), nothing gets my blood pumping faster than the words Wizards Of Firetop Mountain, which have come to represent a highly glamorous Irish reincarnation of ’70s-style Stateside rock and ’80s metal. As part of this year’s Record Store Day celebrations, two of the band’s signature tracks, ‘Sonic War’ and ‘Dollar Hips’ are being packaged into one, neat little 7″, complete with possessed riffing, demonic percussion and gut-busting yelps. It’s no substitute for seeing the wildly addictive fivesome perform, mind, but at only five beans, it’s an absolute steal.

Limited to 250 copies. Available for preorder here.

Record Store Gay Compilation on CD and melody pop

I’m not even going to pretend that someone didn’t send me an advance copy of this, and that I haven’t already listened to the whole thing several times and that it’s not totally brilliant and completely mad in equal measures. The tracklist has yet to be officially announced, but if you scroll down the page a bit, you’ll find details for the April 20 all-dayer, which will give you a good idea of the calibre of artist we’re talking about. The deal is this; 15 Irish acts, each covering a gay anthem of their choosing. Although I’m sworn to secrecy on the finer details, I will say this; there are some tracks on here that could, nay should, be international cult hits, and a couple that are so deliciously enslaving, they should probably come as standard with every new iTunes account. Oh, and as the above graphic suggests, the marvellous Patrick Kelleher does indeed cover Bronski Beat’s ‘Smalltown Boy’. What more could you actually want from life?

Limited to 200 CDs, available at the show, and a play-along-with-melody-pop single for each band.

Ghost Estates and Twinkranes – ‘In Waves’ and ‘The Wizard’ 7″ vinyl

Progressive trio Twinkranes and psyche rockers Ghost Estates have teamed up for a joint 7″ comprising two tracks, which you can stream here and here. Twinkranes have plumbed for a proudly abstract cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizards’, while Ghost Estates have chosen to debut their first new release since 2012’s LP, a terribly poppy, vintage-sounding guitar number called ‘In Waves’. A bit of a contradiction, this, but a cleverly executed one all the same.

Limited to 250 copies.

Funeral Suits – Lily Of The Valley vinyl LP

The fiendishly sunny electro pop opus that is Lily Of The Valley finally gets a wax release on April 20 and if you’ve heard the album and you have access to a record player, this will probably come as very good news. Stephen Street’s production is sure to sound even glossier in the old school format, especially on tracks like the metaphysical pop jam above, and the swoonish ‘Hands Down’, the video for which I have dubbed too disturbing to post in a friendly Record Store Day round-up such as this (but do check it out if you haven’t seen it, because it is rather good).

The Hot Sprockets – Soul Brother 7″ vinyl

They had me at ‘Love TKO’… Just in time for RSD, and, might I add, moshing season, country rock stalwarts The Hot Sprockets have come up with a brand new, typically rabble-rousing number called ‘Soul Brother’, a song so buoyantly chirpy, I feel like it would be wrong to listen to it without making room for recreating an action-packed movie montage afterward. ‘Soul Brother’ also precedes the band’s second album, which we can expect to see on shelves later in the year.

NOTE: The above video, directed by the perpetually awesome Finn Keenan, is arguably more violent than Funeral Suits’ ‘Hands Down’, but just remember that dismemberment is not always an accurate measure of on-screen creepiness.





Open 9am to 9pm

The #1s
Blind Yackety
Gypsy Rebel Rabble
The Urges
The Hot Sprockets
The Eskies
Sweet Jane
Ghost Estates
Twilight Sad

ELASTIC WITCH @ The Twisted Pepper


12pm to 6pm

Sea Pinks
Jennifer Evans
No Monster Club
The #1s

Cillian Mcdonnell (Music Is For Losers)
Elastic Witch Djs



12pm to 8pm

Patrick Kelleher
Hello Moon
The Holy Sparks!!!
Cave Ghosts
Ickis Mirolo & Margie Lewis
September Girls
French Bird
Seeping into Cinemas
Lights Camera Sundown
I Heart The Monster Hero
Nanu Nanu
Little x’s For Eyes
School Tour



Biggles Flys Again
The Hot Sprockets



The Holy Roman Army
Neon Wolf

The full list of record store day purchasables is here, and you can find out more about Record Store Day events around the world at recordstoreday.com.

50 Irish Things I Liked In 2012

You’ve probably had enough of End Of Year lists by now, so I’ll spare you the ranking and measuring and categorising and commentating that usually comes with any form of musical reportage published at the end of a year.

Instead, you’ll find a simple collection of EPs, tracks, music videos, performances and remixes made partially, or completely by Irish hands that I doted on during 2012. My initial brainstorm yielded about 90 things, but after telling myself how ridiculous that list would be, I whittled it down to 50 based on how much I listened to said work over the past 12 months. Then I alphabetised it using an online tool, because, hey, I’m not a librarian.

Now let’s do this.


1. And So I Watch You From Afar

Like A Mouse Track

2. Bantum

Legion Album 

Listen here.

3. Bats 

The Sleep Of Reason Album

Listen here.

4. Bouts 

Turn Away Music Video and Track

5. Cave Ghosts

Cave Ghosts Demo

Listen here.

6. Cillo 

Where You Want Me Track

7. Croupier

Croupier Album

Listen here.

8. Django Django

Django Django Album 

Listen here.

9. Eaten By Bears

Simple As Hell Track

10. Enemies

Indian Summer Music Video And Track


11. Faws 

Whitney Track

12. Fionn Regan and Anna Friel

Dogwood Blossom Live Performance


13. Frank B 

Chain Of Fools Remix

14. Ghosts

Judge EP

Listen here.

15. Girl Band

In My Head Track

16. Hidden Highways

Hidden Highways EP

Listen here.

17. Hunter-Gatherer

Nighthood Album

Listen here.

18. Jee4ce

Tribal Instinct Track

19. Jogging 

Take Courage Album

Listen here.

20. Katie Kim 

Cover and Flood Album

Listen here.


21. Kid Karate 

Two Times Music Video And Track

22. Laura Sheeran

What The World Knows Album

Listen here.

23. Le Galaxie

Fade 2 Forever EP

Listen here.

24. Lemonada

Kelly Green Vol. 2 Album

Listen here.

25. Lethal Dialect

LD50 Part II Album

Listen here.

26. Mark Buckeridge 

Ground Yourself Track

27. Maverick Sabre

I Used To Have It All Track

28. MMoths 

Over You Track

29. Monto

Anywhere In The World Remix

Listen here.

30. No Monster Club

La La Land Music Video and Track

31. No Spill Blood

Street Meat Album

Listen here.

32. Not Squares

Fall Far Track

33. Orquesta 

Kokomo EP

Listen here.

34. Owensie

Citizens Album

Listen here.

35. Patrick Kelleher 

Ghost Wop Tape Cassette

Listen here.

36. Rejjie Snow, Crave And Jesse James

Meddling Loops Track

37. Sea Pinks

Freak Waves Album

Listen here.

38. Sean MacErlaine

Long After The Music Is Gone Album

Listen here.

39. SertOne 

They Call Track

Listen here.

40. Sinead O’Connor

The Wolf Is Getting Married Performance

41. Sleep Thieves 

Islands EP

Listen here.

42. Soil Creep

Small Death Album

Listen here.

43. Solar Bears

Cosmic Runner Track

44. Squarehead

More Quickly Track

45. Sunken Foal

Friday Syndrome Vol.1 Album

Listen here.

46. The Cast Of Cheers

Family Album

Listen here.

47. The Wanted

I Found You Track

48. Villagers 

The Waves Track

49. Willa Lee And Daragh Lynch

Mr. Bad Man Performance

50. Young Wonder

Orange track

Record Store Day: The Best of Irish

Here’s something you probably already know; this Saturday, April 21 is Record Store Day.

In the unlikely event that you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s what you need to know. 2012 marks the fourth annual international Record Store Day, a kind of Indie-focused pseudoholiday founded in 2007 by record store employee Chris Brown (not that one, silly) in celebration of all things round and shiny that play beautiful music. Since then, the third Saturday in April has bestowed us with exclusive vinyl and CD releases and once-off in-store performances in record stores all around the globe. It’s also the only day of the year to see more people walking around with armfuls of music than nodding along to their iPods, which makes it a truly wonderful thing.

Last year’s Record Store Day brought a tonne of Irish goodies with it, including but not exclusive to, a double A-side single from Enemies, a stomping set from Toby Kaar in Plugd Records, Cork, and Lykke Li’s gorgeous mini-show in Tower Records, Dublin. The line-up for 2012 is just as exciting, and for the most part, free, which leaves you with plenty of pennies to spend on new releases from Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, The Flaming Lips, The Civil Wars, Beach House, Feist, Mastodon, St. Vincent, Neon Indian, and old releases from David Bowie, Abba, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Clash, Miles Davis, Ozzy Osbourne and T. Rex.

It’s no surprise that it’s the vinyl fanatic’s favourite day of the year, but for all you new-timers, there’s also a handful of exclusive releases planned for CD and cassette. After that, it’s just a great excuse to kill an hour in your local music store.

So go. Buy something. Buy this thankfully non-limited edition cobalt blue pressing of Bill Evans’ recently-uncovered Top Of The Gate show from 1968. Buy this frankly bonkers Damon Albarn remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’. Buy this incredibly awesome talking singles collection from The Pharcyde’s Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. Whatever you buy, you’ll be putting your money into music you can hold in your hand, hang on your wall, or cover with coloured paper and give to your mate. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend my pocket money.

The full list of record store day purchasables and downloadables is here, and to find out more about Record Store Day events around the world, pay a visit to Chris Brown (still not him) and company at recordstoreday.com.

Meanwhile, here’s a rundown of what the Irish have in store (har de har etc.) for us this Saturday.


pic found here


Granted, a selection of classic doo wop covers is not something every Irish singer-songwriter will attempt, but it suits era-hopping crooner Kelleher down to a tee. So far confirmed for the six-track cassette, spookily titled the Ghost Wop Tape, is a seriously lovely version of ‘Angel Baby’ by Rosie And The Originals, which first hit the charts in 1960, where it promptly became John Lennon’s favourite song.

As for the other five tracks on the cassette, we can only speculate. My money’s on ‘Eddie My Love’, originally by The Teen Queens, which appeared on a Kelleher live album in 2009, and I’ll be desperately hoping for a recording of his version of The Ink Spots’ ‘Do I Worry?’, which absolutely slayed me when I heard him perform it at a secret show a few years back.

Available on Long Lost Records from Elastic Witch, Dublin. Listen to Patrick’s version of ‘Angel Baby’ here.


A particularly exciting one, this. The first physical release from Gavin Elsted’s beat-heavy not-so-solo project Adultrock, Loves is a nine-track album of woozy instrumentals and lush experimental dance tracks. Jen Connell, formerly of Cork’s Hooray For Humans, lends vocals to the vintage-sounding melody on ‘Poplife’, while Wicklow teen Monto brings his inimitable quirk to a remix of same. The Squarepusher-esque ‘Hermione’ is a personal fave, but really, the whole thing is totally swoonworthy.

A very limited run of 60 cassettes will be available on Long Lost Records from Elastic Witch, Dublin. Meanwhile, you can stream or buy online for a price of your own choosing here.


Another debut physical release, this time from Retreat From Moscow, the brainchild of 21-year-old Dublin-based multi-instrumentalist Stephen Tunney, whose roof-scraping vocals have already earned him comparisons to Bon Iver.

In Search Of Home is a lo-fi-sounding folk and synth record, a paradox in itself, but don’t worry, it all makes sense when Tunney’s meandering voice and strikingly honest lyrics kick in.

A very, very limited run of 35 copies will all new art by LL man Aidan Wall be available on Long Lost Records from Elastic Witch, Dublin. A free digital download is available here.

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Record Store Gay Compilation

Clearly, the good folk at Outhouse, a LGBT community resource on Dublin’s Capel St., can’t resist a good pun any more than I can, choosing to celebrate Record Store Gay on April 21 with a unique compilation album of classic queer anthems. 14 brave Irish bands have chosen to take on such iconic tracks as Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ and Candi Staton’s ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ and some slightly lesser known numbers like ‘Big Gay Heart’ by the Lemonheads and Bananarama’s ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting’ (personally, I’d have gone for this.) It didn’t take much to sell me on this one, with bands like Crayonsmith, Hello Moon, Logikparty and Drunken Boat on board. About six seconds into Gaz LeRock’s hypercharged version of Anita Ward’s ‘Ring My Bell’, I knew I was onto a good thing.

The compilation will be available at the Outhouse Record Store Day show (details below). Listen to four of the tracks online here.

HIDDEN HIGHWAYS: Hidden Highways

I’ve bigged-up breezy boy-meets-girl outfit Hidden Highways before, so I was especially psyched when word of country rock duo’s debut EP reached me last week. The eponymous four-tracker captures everything there is to like about the shiny new twosome; surfy, swaying rhythms, flawless vocals and melodies you can’t help but kick back to. I’m still having trouble deciding who sounds better – Clare’s ukulele-toting songwriter Vertigo Smyth or Donegal painter-come-singer Carol Anne McGowan – their honey-dripped cover of ‘Come Wander With Me’, the cult song from the very brilliant Twilight Zone TV series, makes it especially tough.

Available on Out On A Limb Records, and to stream here.


Looking every bit the ’60s bombshell fatale on the cover of her three-track EP The Hunt, Kildare singer-producer Gretta Gunn uses stark beats, wobbly rhythms and chart-ready vocals to create some very dark and very becoming electronic pop. She also happens to sound remarkably like Debbie Harry. Some girls have all the luck.

250 copies of The Hunt will be available on Limited Edition 10″ white vinyl. Stream it online here.

HALVES: Live At The Unitarian Church
An old school live recording from Dublin foursome Halves promises to be one of the most sought-after Irish Record Store Day releases. Live At The Unitarian Church sees the Dublin art rockers performing tracks from their critically-adored debut album It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever), complete with string section, in the magical St. Stephen’s Green venue.
Halves Live At The Unitarian Church will be released exclusively to selected Irish record stores on 180grm clear vinyl. See ahomeforhalves.com for stockists and the full track list.
To get you in the mood, here’s a video clip of the show in question, filmed by Myles O’Reilly.


(free, unless stated otherwise)

TOWER RECORDS, Wicklow St., Dublin

All-day event on Friday, April 20

3pm: Tieranniesaur
4pm: The Riptide Movement
5pm: Pale
6pm: The Urges

All-day event on Saturday, April 21

1pm: Simone Felice
2pm: HAL
3pm: Sweet Jane
4pm: Dark Room Notes
5pm: Elevens
6pm: Special guests (Is it Rizzle Kicks? I’d be totally happy with Rizzle Kicks…)

ELASTIC WITCH, The Twisted Pepper, Dublin

All-day event from 2pm with:

Girls Names
Last Days of 1984
Simon Bird
Skinny Wolves DJs

OUTHOUSE, Capel St., Dublin

All-day event from 2pm with:

Gaz LeRock
Hello Moon
I ♥ The Monster Hero
Drunken Boat
Lamont Bailey Wall
School Tour
Lovesea & T
Seeping into Cinemas
Soil creep
You Kiss by the Book

WINGNUT RECORDS, Bell, Book and Candle, Galway

2pm: Nanu Nanu

3pm: Bouts

4pm: Vince Mack Mongrul

5pm: Loner Deluxe

6pm: Them Martyrs

COOL DISCS, Foyle St., Derry (in-store and next door, upstairs in Sandinos)

All-day event from 2.30pm with:

Decky McLaughlin

Paul Casey

Conor McAteer

Conor Hutcheon

Finbar O’Doherty

Pete O’Hanlon

Conor McAteer

Paddy Nash


Alan Williams


The Wood Burning Savages






ELASTIC WITCH, The Twisted Pepper, Dublin

8-11pm. Admission: €8 before 9pm, €10 after.

BATS, Magic Pockets and Turning Down Sex.

PLUGD AND PING PONG, the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork

8.30pm. Admission: €10/8

The Jimmy Cake,  Melodica Deathship and Nanu Nanu



{John Lennon’s ‘I’m Losing You’ as interpreted by Kevin O’Brien}


Falling somewhere between PostSecret and those sweet, sweet days when your Art teacher used to call in sick, RGBeats, as well as being a fabulously-named dot com, is a multimedia experiment that invites readers to combine their interest in art and music.

Established this past September, the site features paintings created while listening exclusively to one song or album.

“The concept came to me one lonely afternoon in Sligo,” founder Karen Howley says. “My friend and I were discussing an idea we later termed ‘analogue VJing’. We were on the beach, eating ice creams. I mentioned I had been listening to the Crystal Castles second self-titled album. We went back to my house and I put the CD on. The CD player was already on repeat by track. On the third repeat of ‘Celestica’, I decided to get my paints out. And the rest, as they say, is history!”

The idea behind RGBeats.com is fairly simple, but in just a few months the site has already received some truly lovely outside submissions (see above a painting by artist Kevin O’Brien).

“The response has been almost overwhelming. The only rule is that the track or album had to be on repeat. I think I made the right decision in not limiting it to physical media. Eagerly anticipating a Microsoft paint or Photoshop submission.”

Best of all, RGBeats have already swept their brushes to tracks by Irish artists, including head-spinning beatmakers Simon Bird and Moths. While the focus so far appears to be on electronica, Howley says she’s open to painting to any genre.

“For a long time I thought that electronic music was the only music worth listening to. But in taking on this project I have realised its educational potential. See especially the entries inspired by Dickie Rock or Jay-Z, who features twice.”

Here’s a couple of the C Word’s favourite pieces so far, and some words to go with them…

Jay-Z and Kanye West: ‘Niggas In Paris’

“This painting started out a bit differently to the others. In order to get a true essence of the song, we referenced the lyrics for the first play of “Ni**as In Paris’, our repeated song of choice. If you look close enough, you’ll see a woman getting slutty with a man in a bathroom, the Eiffel Tower, a Rolex that has stopped going ‘tick tock’, a fish fillet and a dishevelled young man.”

Simon Bird: V

“Simon Bird was one of the first ones I used a whole album for. This is our interpretation of a ridiculously enjoyable fifth EP, V. The EP was listened to twice through. Each track more momentous than the last.”


Purity Ring: ‘Belispeak’

“I had fun with Halloween painting the Purity Ring one. I loved listening and painting to all three of the tracks they’ve shared with the internet. ‘Belispeak’ is nothing short of spine tingling that first time you hear it with heaps of chopped up synths and Megan James’ charming vocals.”

Moths: ‘Summer’

“I didn’t want to upload the Moths one, but then I met him in Dublin airport and took it as a sign. A couple of tracks were listened to on repeat, namely ‘Summer’ and ‘<3′”

So what now?

Well, RGBeats Live takes place this Thursday, December 8, as part of the launch of new gallery Loom Art Studios on Dominic Street. Patrick Kelleher‘s Night Cycles perform while a group of RGBeat-ers paint live behind the band.

RGBeats will be selling prints and originals at the Block T and Dublin Flea Christmas Cracker Market this Saturday and Sunday (December 10, 11) in Smithfield.

You can also request Karen to paint to a particular song, album or artist by emailing your idea to [email protected] or, to submit your own completed painting or drawing, email a picture of your work to [email protected] with a link to the piece of music that you were listening to.

I can’t wait to get stuck into my submission, only I can’t seem to decide between painting to Diana Ross’ Love Hangover or the Grim Fandango Soundtrack