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Holy Early Peak, Batman! Michael Keaton: A Career Assesment

Michael Keaton: A Eulogy

Career’s Lifespan:  1975 – 2010 

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of an icon. After a long battle with demeaning roles, crippling humiliation and frostbite, Keaton chose to march ungracefully into the Batlight. Let us not remember him as in those last painful decades, but rejoice for his great beginnings.

Michael John Douglas was born as one of the ‘Flying Zucchini Brothers’ in 1975 before christening himself Michael Keaton to avoid comparison with Catherine Zeta-Jones’ old man.  His major breakthrough role as fast-talking schemer Bill “Blaze” Blazejowski in Ron Howard’s Night Shift established him as a comedy star, but it wasn’t until Tim Burton’s 1988 comedy horror Beetlejuice that he achieved critical acclaim and shot to the top of the A-list.  His eccentric, perverted, tic-laden performance was the beginning of a loving relationship with Tim Burton before he was unceremoniously dumped for the younger and prettier Johnny Depp in a move known as “The Jude Law”, but not before he starred in Batman and Batman Returns, silencing suspicious critics and objecting fan-boys alike with his rich and intense turn as the Caped Crusader. Continue reading