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Fancy being famous? Open casting for Movie Extras in Dublin




The Westbury Hotel, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th July: 10am-7pm

As celebrates ten years of putting the public on the big screen, the company is delighted to announce its Open Casting Weekend, taking place on July 13th & 14th in Dublin’s Westbury Hotel.

MTV’s Laura Whitmore began her career with, finding out what the inside world of TV & film was all about.

So, for those who want a walk on part beside their favourite celeb or, like Laura, want to feed their curiosity about what really happens on set, are holding this Open Casting Weekend, at which all members of the public are invited to sign up for membership, have their make-up done by and have a photoshoot with an award-winning photographer. Continue reading

Japanese Film Festival Welcomes Makoto Shinkai to Lighthouse Cinema on July 2


access>CINEMA, in collaboration with The Embassy of Japan in Ireland, is delighted to welcome renowned anime director Makoto Shinkai to take part in a Q&A following the Irish premiere of his new film Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, on MONDAY JULY 2nd at THE LIGHT HOUSE CINEMA, DUBLIN, 7pm. The premiere screening will be preceded by a rare opportunity to see Shinkai’s acclaimed short film, She And Her Cat, on the big screen.

Irish Times film writer Tara Brady will facilitate the Q&A.

Continue reading

Interview with Pitbull about Men in Black 3

International superstar Pitbull owes his break in the movie business to his raw talent, his global status and his razor-sharp lyrics. Oh, and he also owes a debt to a teenage girl.
“It’s true,” laughs the 31-year-old rap star. “The Men In Black director, Barry Sonnenfeld, asked his daughter, ‘Do you know this Pitbull guy?’ and she was like, ‘What do you mean, do I know Pitbull? Are you crazy? You’ve got to work with that guy!’”
The music sensation smiles: “Barry’s daughter was a major player in this.”

Much to the delight of Chloe Sonnenfeld, and millions of fans around the world, Pitbull delivers the signature track for the blockbuster movie MIB 3, the latest installment in the billion-dollar franchise that sees Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (and now Josh Brolin) protecting the earth from the scum of the universe. The song is called ‘Back In Time’ and it is a beat-laden slice of hip-hop infused with soulful groove and an uplifting, slick pop melody.
“I grew up loving the Men In Black movies and Will Smith is always someone that I’ve enjoyed watching,” continues Pitbull, who was born Armando Christian Pérez. “I’ve also admired what he’s done with his career, becoming one of the world’s biggest movie stars, but also an entrepreneur on the business side in Hollywood. So to be involved in Men In Black was a win-win situation.” Continue reading



In advance of the release of DARK SHADOWS, the Light House Cinema will be taking a nostalgic look at the early work of Tim Burton with two Double Bills – PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE/BEETLEJUICE and a Johnny Depp Double Bill – EDWARD SCISSORHANDS/ED WOOD.

The world of Tim Burton is as colourful as it is dark and as eccentric as it is accessible. We hope you’ll join us over the bank holiday weekend for some escapism at its most aesthetically pleasing.

PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE – Sunday, 6th May – 6.30pm

Burton’s first feature length film and certainly his most under-seen, although PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE is a children’s film, it is as strange and unsettling as any of Burton’s later work. Oddly likeable man-child Pee Wee Herman’s cross-country adventure is hugely imaginative, wonderful to look at and full of the quirk and stylistic nuances that would become Tim Burton’s trademark.

BEETLEJUICE – Sunday 6th May – 8.30pm

Burton’s first bona fide Hollywood hit, starring Michael Keaton as the most vile, uncontrollable “bio-exorcist” you could ever have the misfortunate of being haunted by. With a career-best turn from Michael Keaton, ably supported by Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. Beetlejuice deals with tragedy and despair in that ghoulish but light-hearted way that only Tim Burton can pull off.

*Audiences member are permitted to “shake shake shake senora” where appropriate.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS – Monday 7th May – 6.30pm

The first film in one of the great actor/director partnerships of all time, here Burton convinces teen idol Johnny Depp to cover up his face, mess up his hair and dress up in S&M gear to bring us a story about a gentle man, made by a lonely inventor, who died before he could give him real hands. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS is one the most beloved of Tim Burton’s films and balances his two loves, 1960’s pastiche and gothic aesthetic quite comfortably.

ED WOOD – Monday May 7th – 8.30pm

After years of taking inspiration from 1950’s B-movies, Tim Burton decided to pay direct homage to one of the most notorious figures from the annals of cult film, Ed Wood, bad director extraordinaire whose Plan 9 From Outer Space is commonly referred to as “the worst film ever made”. Far from making Ed Wood the butt of a joke, Tim Burton and his star Johnny Depp lovingly create a character whose ambition, passion and vision knows no bounds, except unfortunately his own lack of talent.

German Film Week at Dublin’s IFI

IFI presents German Film Week from 10th-16th May featuring new films from German masters Volker Schlöndorff and Andreas Dresen

This small selection of recent German films, presented in association with the Goethe-Institut Irland, opens and closes with new works by two of contemporary cinema’s finest directors, Volker Schlöndorff and Andreas Dresen, as well as featuring a host of emerging talents.

Schlöndorff was one of the leading lights of the so-called New German Cinema of the 1960s and ‘70s, and won an Oscar for his 1979 adaptation of Günter Grass’ The Tin Drum. It was while living in France and serving an apprenticeship to such French cinema giants as Louis Malle, Jean-Pierre Melville and Alain Resnais, that he learned about the dark episode from WW2 Occupied France that inspired his new film Calm at Sea. Set in a French internment camp this film about reprisal executions is scrupulously even-handed and unsentimental, but packs quite an emotional punch. The screening will be followed by a reception at the IFI provided by the Goethe-Institut Irland for all opening night ticketholders. Continue reading

Dublin to host celebration of legendary filmmaker John Ford

Dublin to Host International Celebration of John Ford
Filmmakers and film experts prepare to gather in Dublin to honour and celebrate the legacy of John Ford, one of the world’s most respected and influential filmmakers.

The inaugural John Ford Ireland Film Symposium takes place 7 – 10 June with a four day focus on film and filmmaking, inspired and informed by the timeless work of legendary Irish-American director John Ford.

Ford directed 137 films, worked on circa 80 other projects, documentaries & short films, and still holds the record for winning the most Oscars for his work as Director. Ford, whose parents were born in the west of Ireland, was the first recipient of the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and received the American Presidential Medal of Freedom for his important war documentaries during his World War II American Navy service.

His work continues to be much loved by audiences around the world, with favourites including the big screen classics such as The Searchers, The Grapes of Wrath, Fort Apache, Rio Grande, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and How Green Was My Valley.

Ford kept strong connections with Ireland, where he made a number of films, the most important of which was The Quiet Man, consideredhis most personal film. Continue reading

Uk & Irish release of Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words is cancelled.

Eddie Murphy is no stranger to criticism, but it seems he may have hit rock bottom with his latest flick, A Thousand Words. The film, which was due to be released here on April 6, has received such negative reviews that Paramount will no longer be releasing the film in Ireland or the UK.

A Thousand Words is directed by Brian Robbins (who worked with Murphy on Norbit and Meet Dave), and sees Eddie Murphy play a fast-talking literary agent who makes an enemy in New Age guru Dr.Sinja (Cliff Curtis) after telling one lie too many. In response, Dr.Sinja places a curse upon Murphy until he learns to truthfully communicate….So, a rip-off of Liar, Liar, basically.

The film currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 50 out of 50 critics absolutely slating the so-called “comedy.” Comments include:

– “The concept is unoriginal, the scenarios aren’t funny, and its message is banal” ~ Claudia Puig of USA Toda.
– “Only the most masochistic connoisseurs of the truly awful need check it out.” ~ Brian Tallerico of
– “With A Thousand Words, Murphy plunges headlong back into the swamp of insipid comedies he’d just crawled his way out of.” ~ Barbara VanDenburgh of the Arizona Republic

And even Variety, who can often be quite sympathetic towards widely panned films, seem to have had their sympathy worn down by the sheer stupidity of the project, with Justin Chang writing “Murphy’s largely wordless, physically adroit performance can’t redeem this tortured exercise in high-concept spiritualist hokum.”

The film was made in 2008, set for a 2009 release but was delayed when Dreamworks Pictures separated from Paramount and Viacom. In 2008, Brian Robbins also directed Murphy in Meet Dave, which was also panned, getting only 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe it’s time to end the bromance, lads.

Paramount didn’t respond to our inquiries, but we’ll keep you posted on their official line about the fiasco.

See the trailer here: watch?v=m2MO_ID4ltA

Personal Plug: Buy my Dad’s book Valentina!

A completely personal, nepotism-laden plug ahoy: My Dad Kevin McDermott – the multi-talented novelist, educator, text-book author, tyre-changing and emergency ATM extraordinaire (the latter’s for me & my siblings only, I’m afraid… though hey, if you’re stuck for cash give it a go, he’s a very nice man, he may help you out) – has written his third novel.

For young adults Valentina is a Margaret Atwood/Hunger Games-style novel, telling the story of Valentina, a young woman living in the privileged Citadel, at the heart of the protected Green Zone. She is the president’s daughter; sheltered, spoilt and arrogant. (Please note: Dad has promised me on countless occasions that she’s not based on either myself or my sister….neither of us are convinced.) But when she makes a secret trip to the Badlands, with her friends she must face up to the realities of life on an island teeming with climate refugees and to the responsibilities of her position.

The launch for Valentina was on Monday night & was a great night – my big brother Eoghan McDermott (you may know him from such shows as ‘The Voice of Ireland‘ and ‘Pop4‘) & the rest of my family were there, plus a couple of celebs including the lovely Glen from The Script and showbiz guru Julian Benson.

Have you ever seen so many bleached teeth?

Even taking in my obvious bias aside, it’s a great, original little book so if you’re interested in young adult fiction or have friends/relatives/house-plants that are, do go buy a copy. Because the more copies he sells, the better my birthday present will be.
Hmmm…actually, maybe I can understand the “spoilt” characteristic…

Valentina is available in shops and on Amazon now! My family’s lives are depending on you….

Thank you for your contribution to the 'Feed the McDermotts' Fund

Ciaran Hinds radio interview

It’s been a good month for the very lovely Northern Irish actor Ciaran Hinds. Not only is he the star of the recent Oscar-winning short film The Shore, but he also had big roles in the horror film The Woman in Black & the fantasy action flick Ghostrider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. Catching up with him for Spin 103.8’s We Love Movies, I get to hear about the appeal of horror, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, working with Harry Potter & getting punched by Nicolas Cage… Just click here listen!

Live webchat with The Avengers tonight!

Comic geeks of the world, unite! The Avengers are assembling – to save the world, obviously, but also for a live webchat, happening tonight!

It’s been confirmed that director of S.H.I.E.L.D Nick Fury – also known as Samuel L. Jackson, donncha know – will be joining Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg and Joss Whedon in a global fan chat this evening to talk about the highly-anticipated The Avengers movie, coming out here on April 27!

Assemble at 7pm – you can get involved and follow all the action here on the UK & Ireland facebook Page here.