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S’all about me…

*Size may vary depending on proximity to subject &/or her shoes.

SWF seeks arrogant, leather-jacket wearing male for…Oops, sorry, wrong blurb.

Roe isn’t Roe McDermott’s real name, & we don’t know what’s up with that. It’s entirely possible that she’s a Russian spy. (In Soviet Russia, Hot Press reads YOU.)

Showing great financial prowess, Roe took a degree in English & Philosophy immediately preceeding the recession, safe in the knowledge that analyzing the Descartian undertones of Alice in Wonderland is always a big earner. She then took an M.A. in Journalism &, realizing that you can legitimately and indefinitely avoid the real world in the name of education, applied to do another M.A. (in Women’s Studies, careful there boys.)

However, her plans were foiled (dammit, Igor unt zee udder agents vill not be happy) when she took an internship in Hot Press & just couldn’t bring herself to leave (neither could security – trust us, they tried.) So she now spends her time watching movies, telling you what to think (it’s for your own good, honestly – she warps your minds because she cares), & annoying the website manager on a daily basis by telling him that technology is the root of all evil & she’s worried that she may have wiped the internet…again.

She likes brackets, ellipses & ampersands.
She does not like Pina Coladas, & getting caught in the rain makes her look like a racoon.

Welcome! Come on in, we’re all a little mad here…

Hey guys, welcome to the blog!

First thing you should know is that technology & I are not friends, so there are likely going to be stupid technical glitches. Second thing you should know is that these issues don’t render my words any less beautiful, promise. Third thing you should know is that this isn’t a Customer Care helpline: I’m not going to say that your comments are important to me, because who knows, you could be an idiot. However I’m sure they’ll be entertaining, so feel free to agree, correct or just outright abuse me at will – it makes the whole blogging thing a lot more fun. Apart from that, all you could ever want to know about me is on the post entitled “S’all about me“…. I thought it was appropriate.

You can also find me on the dreaded Twitter if you want to comment on anything or generally abuse me.

Thanks for reading! 🙂