Personal Plug: Buy my Dad’s book Valentina!

A completely personal, nepotism-laden plug ahoy: My Dad Kevin McDermott – the multi-talented novelist, educator, text-book author, tyre-changing and emergency ATM extraordinaire (the latter’s for me & my siblings only, I’m afraid… though hey, if you’re stuck for cash give it a go, he’s a very nice man, he may help you out) – has written his third novel.

For young adults Valentina is a Margaret Atwood/Hunger Games-style novel, telling the story of Valentina, a young woman living in the privileged Citadel, at the heart of the protected Green Zone. She is the president’s daughter; sheltered, spoilt and arrogant. (Please note: Dad has promised me on countless occasions that she’s not based on either myself or my sister….neither of us are convinced.) But when she makes a secret trip to the Badlands, with her friends she must face up to the realities of life on an island teeming with climate refugees and to the responsibilities of her position.

The launch for Valentina was on Monday night & was a great night – my big brother Eoghan McDermott (you may know him from such shows as ‘The Voice of Ireland‘ and ‘Pop4‘) & the rest of my family were there, plus a couple of celebs including the lovely Glen from The Script and showbiz guru Julian Benson.

Have you ever seen so many bleached teeth?

Even taking in my obvious bias aside, it’s a great, original little book so if you’re interested in young adult fiction or have friends/relatives/house-plants that are, do go buy a copy. Because the more copies he sells, the better my birthday present will be.
Hmmm…actually, maybe I can understand the “spoilt” characteristic…

Valentina is available in shops and on Amazon now! My family’s lives are depending on you….

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