Ask The Avengers

Now, the trailer to MARVEL’s THE AVENGERS was released yesterday & all we can say is “That’s do, Pig. That’ll do.” It’s going to be huge (as it should be after all that foreplay – I sat through Thor & Captain America, I better at least be left gasping on a post-orgasmic cigarette after this flick. And I don’t even smoke.)

To celebrate the online launch of the new Teaser Trailer for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS Marvel are offering facebook fans the opportunity to ask a question directly to their favourite Avenger.

Questions can be submitted via their UK & Ireland AVENGERS facebook page from October 13th to October 14th.

10 lucky winners will be chosen, with their Avenger’s video response, which will address them specifically, being posted on THE AVENGERS facebook page over the coming weeks.

So what are you waiting for – Avengers assemble at !