Oh so torn. On the one hand, I love Marc Webb’s Christopher Nolan vibe, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. And this does look pretty damn great.

On the other hand…I just don’t care anymore. In fact, I stopped caring about Spiderman 10 minutes after the Sam Raimi’s Spiderman & while the third was also a great film, apathy still reigned. And now this. I mean Jesus, it’ll only have been 5 years since the last Spiderman when this reboot comes out. That is frankly leotarded. I’m also hoping the POV aspect won’t be overdone, as that’s basically elevated video-game fare & while it might be fun to play, I don’t find it an engaging visual technique & think it’ll be boring to look at after about ten seconds. I’ve also just realized that the last couple of seconds are about as aware of the concept of distance as I am while parking. ‘Spiderman in mirror is MUCH closer than he appears!’

But on the original first hand…it does look pretty damn great.


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