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Rob Smith is a musician, songwriter and DJ from Dublin. To date, he has released two L.P.’s under his belt: his 2008 debut “Throwing it All Away” and 2010’s “The Juliana Field” as well as a live E.P. in 2011 titled “Live in New York & Dublin“.  He has graced various stages in bars, clubs, theatres and arenas in places as far as Belfast, Milan, Liverpool, Barcelona, New York, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Mullingar.

He has two major passions: music and football – in fact it’s no coincidence that if and when he’s touring in a particular town or city, it would be quite likely the local team will be playing a home match.

When not writing new songs, spinning new discs, tasting new beers or jetting off to new cities and exploring new leagues, Rob can be seen in one of his favourite bars in Dublin where he’d be most likely engaging in conversations somewhere between Republic of Ireland tactics and Republic of Loose recordings.



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Rob’s as nice as Xavi” – Andy Mitten, FourFourTwo