Roma president donates €230k to fix city fountain he celebrated in.

The celebrations around the city of Rome were to be expected after the Serie A side’s enormous comeback against Barcelona to go through to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

One fan who celebrated was none other than American billionaire business man, entrepreneur and Roma president James Pallotta who celebrated with fans of the Giallorossi long into the night last night, which included a dip into one of the city’s famous fountains.

“I got caught up in the excitement, it was a great night for all of us in Rome,” Pallotta said. “But I also don’t want to encourage other people to jump into fountains, except if they want to fix one.”

Pallotta was fined €450 by the city of Rome, but went one further by donating almost a quarter of a million euros to fix the fountain.

“I think it would be a great personal gesture to fix the fountain in front of the pantheon, and so I’m going to donate €230,000 to it.”

Roma join Liverpool in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Tonight both clubs will be joined by Bayern Munich or Seville, with the former ahead from the first leg by 2-1, and either Real Madrid or Juventus, the former in that tie are 3-0 up from the first leg.


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