Don’t believe all you read on social media.

The blog was extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Fiorentina’s captain, Davide Astori,  who had been found dead in his hotel room, while his side were preparing for a Serie A game against Udinese. He was just 31 years old.

The tragic news of the Italian international, came just weeks after the news of the death of our own Liam Miller. It was made public just last November that the Corkman was receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Both players, taken tragically years before their time, had another thing in common. And it’s the rumours that surrounded them on social media.

In the weeks before Miller’s death, I would often see “news” that the midfielder has passed away. Tweets with the hashtag #RIPLiamMiller would go viral, despite nobody checking the sources. Not very pleasant for the former Ireland international’s family I’m sure, and no doubt deeply upsetting for his three children as they watch their father literally fight for his life.

It was the same with Davide Astori. 

The Italian defender had passed away less than 24 hours, when tweets emerged that Fiorentina were going to provide a posthumous contract for life, with the Astori family the benefactors. Serie A representative Giovanni Malagò even “confirmed” the story. Which wasn’t true. 

Social media can really be a cesspit of humanity with regards the beautiful game. There are things said and shared that shouldn’t be fit for human consumption. False rumours are just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t believe everything you read. On social media, that is.


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