Why I won’t be renewing my FAI season ticket.

I’m quite passionate about my national team. I always have been. My earliest memories of the Boys In Green is them getting knocked out of Euro ’88 at the hands of Wim Kieft’s late goal for The Netherlands in Gelsenkirchen. When the FAI announced the season ticket scheme a number of years ago, I jumped at the opportunity. I feel I can no longer fund the FAI and here’s why.

You’re probably aware by now of the FAI’s €100,000 grant programme to 20 clubs, granting €5,000 per club to assist them in meeting five-year strategic plans. That’s a grand per year per club. It was refused immediately by first Derry City, calling the figure “disgraceful and disrespectful”.


Then it was refused by St. Patrick’s Athletic, who said in a statement that the FAI had “utterly failed in its responsibility to the domestic game and to those clubs who, in spite of its indifference, have managed to keep some semblance of professionalism within football in Ireland.”

The FAI hit back with a statement of their own expressing “extreme disappointment” with the Inchicore club.

It was quite astonishing to many, myself included. Pat’s responded. “Our game is in crisis,” they wrote. “What prevails with the FAI is an approach whereby it decides everything and where it dictates policy with the occasional PR flurry to try and create a public image that its senior executives are committed to change and to improvement.”


It should be pointed out at this point the salary of the FAI’s CEO John Delaney is €360,000 – after two pay cuts. That’s around €7,000 a week – more than the actual figure each League of Ireland club will receive from the FAI for the five-year plan. Let’s not forget that this is the man who called the League of Ireland “a difficult child” – a phenomenally disrespectful statement to say the least.

If the league is a difficult child, that man is certainly an absent parent.

Besides, isn’t it in the FAI’s interests to improve the league properly so we can produce more top international players like Shane Long, Wes Hoolahan, Seamus Coleman etc.?

I personally feel that I can no longer fund the FAI with buying tickets and merchandise. I cannot fund that man’s salary any longer. There’s something not quite right with the huge salary he receives compared to the League of Ireland teams barely keeping their head above water.


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