Join the official Hot Press fantasy football.

That time of year again is upon us. Time to get cracking on the single most important part of pre-season – selecting your fantasy football team.

If you have already been in our league in previous years, you will automatically be put back in once you have selected your team. If you’re new, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go here.
  2. Register (takes less than a minute), then select your team.
  3. Go to join leagues and enter code: 689593-190904

That’s it.

I didn’t do so well last year. While on paper my team looked flawless, in truth, they were rubbish. Select carefully and log in regularly. While Zlatan is £11.5 million, you’d expect him to play every match and score 30 goals this season because he is a superstar. But he might not. Then again he might. Oh, the decisions….




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