I love Barça, but the club is far from perfect.

I do love FC Barcelona. I have done for years. Since when current manager Luis Enrique was playing and captaining the squad. But there’s a few things at Barça that have been disappointing me as the years go on.

Back when I first started supporting Barcelona, it was a pre-Messi and even pre-Ronaldinho time, and the club had no sponsor on the shirt. That’s long gone. Barça actually started wearing the UNICEF logo on their jersey in 2006, in a deal which they actually paid the organisation money to do so. That was until Qatar Airways came in with €25 million per season and the only Catalans that rejoiced were in the board room at Camp Nou.

Speaking of the Camp Nou, it’s constantly rated as one of the stadium that one must visit before they die. And I agree. But it has never, ever lived up to the hype for me. I’ve seen El Clásico, Champions League games, and all kinds of strong and not-so-strong opposition take to the field and the atmosphere is pretty dead. There’s always empty seats, and the tickets are enormously overpriced.


For example, the cheapest seat in the grandstand of the Camp Nou for Barça’s encounter against Sevilla this coming Sunday will set you back €121. That’s fairly ridiculous. But there are always tourists ready to spend. In fact, the club receive around 10,000 tourists to each match.

I once paid €20 to see Barça play Inter Milan there. How much would that ticket be worth now?

Més que un club is Barça’s famous motto, which translates to more than a club. But it should read more than a corporation. The club sold it’s soul long ago, even if things on the pitch are beautiful to watch.