The best/worst online footy games

Bored at work? Or simply fancy your P45 a bit sooner than expected? If so, here are the best footy-related games on the world wide web.

Sensible Soccer: FIFA 14 is as realistic as it gets? Bah! A 30 yard diving header into the top corner thank you very much! If you grew up in the early 90’s, this was the greatest game ever. It still is.

Football Agent: What does it matter if the player and his wife are settled with the kids put in the local primary school. Sell him! Buy the next Wayne Rooney. Just don’t forget your imaginary 10% for each sale and then buy an imaginary mansion. Not the most exciting.

Super Soccer: Pick from the greats – Bayern Munich, Liverpool,. Juventus, Barcelona and … em … Boavista? Entertaining enough if you truly have nothing but time to kill. It’s either extremely tough to play or I am rubbish at it. I’ll bet it’s the latter.

Hat Trick: One of the internet’s better football freebies. Register, develop your youth squad, make transfers and then compete in the 16 week league. Do you quite literally want to avoid doing any work on the office for an entire day? This is for you.

Goal United: Similar to Hat Trick above. Just put in “entire week” where I have “entire day” written.

Volley 07/08: Pick a team and play a bunch of games. If you can manage anything other than defeat or 0-0 draws, then I applaud you.

Soccer Manager: The classic football management game formula. Just with the added bonus of playing it for free. Got time to kill? Give it a shot.

So there you have it. Some of the internet’s best (and possibly worst) footy games. If I missed anything, let me know on Twitter (@robsmithireland). Now stop playing those games and get back to work!