The joy of six: More You Tube classics

Six more footie-related classics spotted recently via the World wide web. Everything from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s man-crush to the the Russian striker that wants to take every one of his fans on.

1.  George Best in the MLS. This goal wasn’t exactly played in a World Cup final. But it sure was a lot better than the vast majority of Pelé’s 1281 goals. I don’t know when we’ll see Keano do this stateside.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1850″]

2. Ibra loves Ronaldo. The not-so-modest Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t resist but to be star-struck when he faces his hero Ronaldo during the Milan derby. And I thought Ibra only gets star-struck when he looks in the mirror.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1851″]

3. The boy’s a bit loco. You think Cantona’s kung-fu kick was nuts? Bah…that had nothing compared to when FC Shinnik forward Aleksandr Shirko decided to take on his own fans. As you do.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1852″]

4. Fans never forget. Four years after Luis Figo thought he was in the clear from Barça fans after moving to Real Madrid, renowned Catalan Jimmy Jump (and friend of Football El Mundo) reminded the Portugese winger on live TV that he isn’t welcome back at Camp Nou any time soon.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1862″]

5. White Hart Pain. Giving new meaning to the term “ballboy”.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1858″]

6. The team of God. Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera atmosphere is insane. Even more so when Diego Maradona is around – as Gary Lineker found out during his 2006 BBC documentary on the Argentine genius.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1859″]

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