The Xavi from the Welsh valleys

Anyone that watches football, and more specifically watches La Liga, will tell you that the best passer in the game is hands-down Barcelona’s Xavi. He is incredible to watch in Pep Guardiola’s dream team. For three years on the bounce he has been in 3rd place in the Ballon d’Or (his team-mate Leo Messi coming in 1st). But is he actually the best passer in the planet? The answer, shockingly, is no. He’s 2nd best. Statistics show that the best is – brace yourselves – Swansea City’s Leon Britton.

Britton: officially better than Xavi - and everyone else.

The 29-year-old midfielder tops a pile that features some of the best-known footballers in world football such as John Terry, Yaya Touré, Philip Lahm, Thiago Silva and more. Incredibly, Britton’s central midfield partner Joe Allen also features in the top 10. Here are the ten best passers in world football today:

  1. Leon Britton (Swansea), 93.3% accuracy. 1127 passes.
  2. Xavi (Barcelona), 93% accuracy. 1830 passes.
  3. John Terry (Chelsea), 91.6 accuracy. 1209 passes.
  4. Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), 91.3% accuracy. 1086 passes.
  5. Thiago Silva (AC Milan), 91.1% accuracy. 1068 passes.
  6. Philip Lahm (Bayern Munich), 91% accuracy. 1326 passes.
  7. Joe Allen (Swansea), 90.3% accuracy. 1075 passes.
  8. Mikel Arteta (Arsenal), 90.3 accuracy. 1318 passes.
  9. Yaya Touré (Manchester City), 90% accuracy. 1552 passes.
  10. Scott Parker (Tottenham), 89.8& accuracy. 1035 passes.

Now that’s quite incredible statistics, isn’t it? People always think Xavi & Iniesta when they think of the perfect midfield duo. Nobody would dare think of Joe Allen and Leon Britton. Then again, Allen & Britton aren’t surrounded by superstars such as Messi, Dani Alves and David Villa each week.

But should Fabio Capello consider the Britton for his England squad for the Euros this summer? He did attend and watch The Swans beat Arsenal at the weekend. Anything is possible. What do you think? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter.