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The Intouchables

So it’s 2014. That’s crazy isn’t it? Before we know it we’ll be finished with this decade… But you don’t want to hear stale musings about how time flies, do you? You want to read about a few films. Well no problem, it just so happens I’ve managed to watch some. Let’s take a look at one…

The Intouchables tells the true story of Driss; a recently released criminal who is unexpectedly hired to be a caretaker for a rich quadriplegic man called Philippe. The start of their time together is strained, mainly due to the steep learning curve Driss encounters. Although his new caregiver has no previous experience, Philippe appreciates his unprofessional approach: he even goes as far as sharing a couple of joints with him. More importantly, Driss doesn’t pity Philippe because of his condition and the two become firm friends.

The Intouchables has made millions at the box office, picked up a César Award for Best Actor and back in 2011 it became the highest grossing movie in France. And yes, you should believe the hype because it really is brimming with personality and charm. Judging by this, it’s no surprise that American distributers The Weinstein Company already have an English remake on the way. But if you’re all for watching subtitles (and you really should be, there’s a literally a whole world of foreign language films) then you should take the time to check out the original.

Highlights: Driss’ genuine disbelief that Philippe can’t feel being continuously scalded with a teapot.