Fun fact: This is my first blog post. How does it feel? Well, it’s like trying to make a good first impression, except I’ve been spared of having to resort to sweaty handshakes. Fun fact number two: I’m not good at first impressions. So let’s make this simple. Hello, my name is Niall. It’s a pleasure to meet you. This is my blog, I hope you like it. As the name suggests (Yes I am working on a snappier title, promise) this blog is dedicated to highlighting films that you may have missed. All of them are worth watching regardless of whether they’re undiscovered gems or they just have one or two interesting elements that make them stand out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a couple of new favourites.

UPDATE-16th January 2014

So after months of pondering, I’ve settled on a new name for the blog: it’s called ‘Under The Radar’. There are two main reasons for the change. Number one: like I said, the name ‘Movies You Might Have Missed’ didn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Number two: Taking ‘movies’ out of the title also gives me the freedom to write about books, bands, TV shows and video games. The general premise of the blog will remain the same though, with me checking out stuff that’s gone… Under The Radar! (See what I did there?)

New posts every Friday!

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