The Revenant

The Revenant is essentially a vigilante-vampire-buddy movie. Sounds cool right? It is. In the first five minutes Bart, an American soldier, is shot, killed and dragged off by an unknown group. When his body is flown back to America, he returns to the land of the living, albeit with a few… changes. After convincing his best friend Joey to help him, they start exploring his powers, especially Bart’s newfound taste for human blood…

It’s surprising that The Revenant didn’t do better when it was released. It’s one of the best comedic horror films I’ve seen since Shaun of the Dead. The dialogue is clever, the usual clichés are nicely avoided and the effects are truly gruesome. If you’re sick of ho-hum Halloween flicks, give this one a try: you won’t be disappointed.

Highlights: There are plenty of great moments that come to mind. The only problem is it’s hard to pick something and not ruin it… Let’s just say a scientologist, a hearse and a dildo all feature.