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Valentine’s Day, Irish style

Durex have been quizzing Irish people to find out what they think about Valentine’s Day. Here’s what we had to say:

• Valentine’s Day is important for 55 per cent of us who believe it is a good opportunity to show their partner how much they love them
• However, 40 per cent of men either don’t notice Valentine’s Day or think it is over commercialized. Can’t argue with that.
• 1 in 3 women hope a secret love interest will surprise them to make Valentine’s Day as a single more exciting. Keep dreaming ladies…
• 22 per cent have scored a random so they have someone for Valentine’s Day. This rises to 41 per cent of people in Ulster compared to 20 per cent from Leinster (excluding Dublin)
• 21 per cent of men have scored a friend so they have someone on Valentine’s Day, compared to 13 per cent of women
• 37 per cent of us would have no-strings sex with a friend on VD if it was guaranteed that nobody else would know.
• For almost half of Irish men and women (48 per cent), the perfect Valentine’s Day would be a dirty weekend away
• 25 per cent of men would choose sex as the perfect Valentine’s gift, compared to just 11 per cent of women
• A quarter of women (25 per cent) would say a romantic home-made dinner is the perfect Valentine’s Day present
• Almost 1 in 3 Irish men and women (29 per cent) have dressed up in fantasy costumes for Valentine’s night
• The most popular fantasy to enact as a Valentine’s surprise is the naughty school girl (23 per cent), closely followed by a sexy nurse at 18 per cent
• 43 per cent of women have used handcuffs during sex on Valentine’s Day compared to 27 per cent of men who have done the same
• More than half (53 per cent) have used massage gels on Valentine’s Day, while 47 per cent have tried a sex toy and 46 per cent pleasure enhancing condoms


Valentine’s Day and Sex

I don’t like it – Valentine’s Day that is. The enforced romance, the cards, the stupidly expensive roses, the romantic competition – it just ain’t sexy. Bah humbug. But anyway, here’s some VD news.

Sex vs Chocolate
Asked what they’d like for Valentine’s Day, 85% of Canadian guys said that they would prefer sex to chocolate but 31% of women said that they would take the chocolate instead.

Hmmm… that might be because women who eat chocolate regularly have better sex lives, at least that’s according to Italian researchers. If you deprive yourself of this sugary snack for most of the year, no wonder it becomes so important on the days when it’s “allowed.”

As a compromise, I suggest the Chocolate and Strawberry Lovers Body Pen Set. Cover yourself in rude chocolate words and get her to lick it off. Easy! And cheap too! Just £3.95 from Amazon UK.pens

Porn for VD
Apparently porn is high on the wish list of men this VD. If your mate is into SM and bondage then try Silken Sleeves. Maria Beatty’s seductive film features bondage and SM play between two gorgeous women and picked up a gong at last year’s Erotic Awards.

Available to buy as pay per minute, streaming and download from Bleu Productions.

Forbidden Love: Police Target Thai Teens
Thai police plan to crack down on motels, shopping centres and parks today to catch teen lovers celebrating Valentine’s Day. Despite Thailand’s reputation for sex tourism the legal age of consent is 18. Authorities were alarmed by a poll that suggested that 27% of Thailand’s teens intend to have sex to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Oxytocin: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift
Cards? Chocolate? Dinner? Fuggetaboutit! Oxytocin is yer only man. Considering the health benefits, sex is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Studies show that oxytocin helps people deal with stress. And stress, you know, is a silent killer. So if you really love the man or woman in your life, then a good long shag session is the best thing to give.