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Smaller Balls, Better Dad

Sex toy company Nalone has released a range of nine sex toys that respond to the user’s moans – the louder and faster you are, the faster the toy vibrates keeping time with your responses. Whisper and the toy responds slightly, while loud noises or music will produce strong vibrations. The toys use touch technology and electro magnetic pulses to allow users to customise their vibrating patterns. Clever!



I’m not sure how anyone is going to feel about this, but Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia has released a study that found that men with small testicles make better fathers and are more involved in their children’s upbringing. The research team used MRI scans to measure the volume of the testicles of fifty-five fathers and the men – and the mothers of their children answered questions to determine how hands-on they are as dads. The blokes with smaller testicles got the best parenting scores and were seen as the most nurturing. Fifty-five men is not exactly a huge sample group, and other academics have described the result as “very surprising.” The Emory University researchers did note that being involved with your children is largely a matter of choice, however.



Be glad you have access to hundreds of sex advice books if you need them: women in China are apparently so starved for sexual information that they are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to learn how to have sex. A number of sex coaches are said to be tapping the Chinese market and reports say that the demand for information is high. Many young people leave school without even cursory sexual education, and conservative social mores means people are reluctant to talk about sex publicly. Studies seem to confirm this: in 2010, a report from Peking University claimed that half of sexually active unmarried people in China have unprotected sex; another study found that only 9 percent of Chinese know how to put a condom on properly. Yikes!



Dusk TV, an adult cable station, held its first “Porna Awards” this Saturday – porna being their word for porn aimed at female viewers. A panel of than more 1,700 women watched and rated porn films and these seven were nominated:

Your Orgasm Inside Me – Dane Jones

Cabaret Desire – Erika Lust

The Kiss – Kendo

Aphrodite Superstar – Candida Royalle

A Taste Of Joy – Petra Joy

Don Juan’s Therapist – Nica Noelle

Skin. Like. Sun. – Jennifer Lyon Bell

Petra Joy’s A Taste Of Joy won the overall award. Joy uses non-professionals, often couples, in her work and makes women’s pleasure central to the storyline.

This issue’s sex tip: Playing to your strengths

Ian Kerner, a famous New York sex therapist and author of the classic sex guide She Comes First believes that, in sex as in life, we’re better off if we play to our strengths.

Playing to your strengths means accepting that there are just some things that we cannot change about our sexual abilities or bodies and working around them. Kerner himself claims to have suffered from premature ejaculation for many years and thus learned to compensate for this with oral sex. Playing to your strengths means finding clever ways around your limitations, whether it is by using alternative techniques, positions or toys. For example, a woman who needs a lot of stimulation to orgasm may use a toy to assist her partner or a man with an unusually small penis can compensate by favouring positions where size is of less importance.

Kerner advises developing what he calls “sex scripts” – actions and techniques that lead to pleasure. The point being that, if everyone has an enjoyable and orgasmic experience, it doesn’t really matter how you get there.

BOOKS: The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot by Violet Blue

If anyone can help you track down the elusive G-spot it is probably sex educator and author Violet Blue. The new edition of The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot updates Blue’s classic book on the subject. As well as being the definitive guide to the much debated, controversial G-Spot, this book offers a wealth of information. There’s a guide to the body, suggestions for play and sex positions, advice on sex toys, and safer sex information as well. Ms Blue has also included a list of further reading for sexual swats, recommended videos and DVDs and practical information on choosing sex toys. The 2012 edition is out now, but only available on Amazon UK from April.

Teenage kicks

Tristan Taormino’s ChemistrySex in the Sexton household has become somewhat impossible of late. My lovely boyfriend had an accident a few weeks ago and has cracked all the ribs on the left side of his body. Poor boy. This makes sex basically impossible – he can barely walk upright – so all we can do is mess around with each other. This involves getting him into a comfy position and moving myself around so he can use his fingers and tongue. He feels bad about not been able to shag me, so the silver lining in this sorry tale is that he’s happy to play with me for hours. Mmmm…. very nice. I feel just like a teenager again – hours of foreplay because you can’t ‘go all the way.’Still, I wish he was back in full fighting form. I have this new book with 365 different positions and tricks to try. Some of the information is a bit basic (good for beginners, I suppose) and the illustrations could be more graphic (guaranteed not to offend the sensitive) but there are still a lot of good ideas in there. It’s called Daily Sex: 365 Positions and Activities for a Year of Great Sex by Jane Seddon.Somebody asked me an interesting question the other night – what should they do about their partner who is obsessed with porn? So much so, that he preferred to watch other people get off than have sex with his girlfriend. Hmmm… definitely a sacking offence I think.As regular readers of Hot Press will know I am pro porn, particularly if the adult movie in question has women viewers in mind, so that I can enjoy it too! Stats vary (as usual) but the general consensus seems to be that around 40% of women use porn on a regular basis, and women’s porn is becoming ever more popular. Girls who are keen, but want to separate the wheat from the chaff should check out Babeland’s Women’s Guide to Porn, which can be found at America is a strange and wonderful place and they sure have some weird laws about sex. Here are some of my favourites:In Wyoming, couples may not have sex while standing inside a store’s walk-in meat freezer. I wonder which hapless couple did this to necessitate a law?In Kentucky there is a law that states, “No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she be escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club.”And weirdest of all – in California, anyone having intercourse with Satan must use a condom. So it’s okay to have congress with the devil as long as you don’t have his babies crazy stuff!If you are in the Cork area, catch me on Victor Barry’s Show, Cork Talks Back, every Thursday night from 11:15. I’ll be answering questions about anything and everything to do with sex.