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Sexton’s Miscellany: European Penises

Eherm, it seems the Irish would clean up in the smallest penis contest. A comparison of penis sizes across Europe suggests that Irish men are not particularly well-endowed, while Hungarians are well “hung” (Oh, I love a pun!). Here are the figures – but bear in mind that this is self-reported data and it is possible that some countries were indeed telling whoppers (or perhaps, little lies).



Hungary (16.51cm); France (16.01)


Czech Republic (15.89); The Netherlands (15.87); Italy (15.74); Belgium (15.65); Georgia (15.61)


Denmark (15.29); Slovakia (15.21); Slovenia (15.13); Bulgaria (15.02)


Serbia (14.87); Sweden (14.80); Croatia (14.77); Greece (14.73); Albania (14.73); Belarus (14.63); Iceland (14.56)


Germany (14.48); Switzerland (14.35); Norway (14.34); Poland (14.29); Austria (14.16); Turkey (14.11)


Macedonia (13.98); Ukraine (13.97); United Kingdom (13.97); Spain (13.85); Estonia (13.78); Finland (13.77)

13-13.49 cm

Armenia (13.22); Russia (13.21); Portugal (13.19)

12.5-12.99 cm

Ireland (12.78); Romania (12.73)

Small Penis Contest

They say dynamite comes in small packages – but sometimes the bigger the bomb, the bigger the boom! King’s Country Bar in Brooklyn, New York is to host the first ever ‘Smallest Penis Contest’ on July 20. The organisers have described the upcoming event as a “pageant” which will include “talent, evening wear, and swimsuit” sections, which it hopes will empower men. Ah, but will anybody enter? And would anyone notice them if they did?