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Smaller Balls, Better Dad

Sex toy company Nalone has released a range of nine sex toys that respond to the user’s moans – the louder and faster you are, the faster the toy vibrates keeping time with your responses. Whisper and the toy responds slightly, while loud noises or music will produce strong vibrations. The toys use touch technology and electro magnetic pulses to allow users to customise their vibrating patterns. Clever!



I’m not sure how anyone is going to feel about this, but Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia has released a study that found that men with small testicles make better fathers and are more involved in their children’s upbringing. The research team used MRI scans to measure the volume of the testicles of fifty-five fathers and the men – and the mothers of their children answered questions to determine how hands-on they are as dads. The blokes with smaller testicles got the best parenting scores and were seen as the most nurturing. Fifty-five men is not exactly a huge sample group, and other academics have described the result as “very surprising.” The Emory University researchers did note that being involved with your children is largely a matter of choice, however.



Be glad you have access to hundreds of sex advice books if you need them: women in China are apparently so starved for sexual information that they are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to learn how to have sex. A number of sex coaches are said to be tapping the Chinese market and reports say that the demand for information is high. Many young people leave school without even cursory sexual education, and conservative social mores means people are reluctant to talk about sex publicly. Studies seem to confirm this: in 2010, a report from Peking University claimed that half of sexually active unmarried people in China have unprotected sex; another study found that only 9 percent of Chinese know how to put a condom on properly. Yikes!



Dusk TV, an adult cable station, held its first “Porna Awards” this Saturday – porna being their word for porn aimed at female viewers. A panel of than more 1,700 women watched and rated porn films and these seven were nominated:

Your Orgasm Inside Me – Dane Jones

Cabaret Desire – Erika Lust

The Kiss – Kendo

Aphrodite Superstar – Candida Royalle

A Taste Of Joy – Petra Joy

Don Juan’s Therapist – Nica Noelle

Skin. Like. Sun. – Jennifer Lyon Bell

Petra Joy’s A Taste Of Joy won the overall award. Joy uses non-professionals, often couples, in her work and makes women’s pleasure central to the storyline.

Ladies, please yourself!

Just recently a California addiction centre claimed that ladies were ruining their relationships because of constant self-love. The centre, of course, claims to cure this masturbation ‘addiction’. Unless you are spending hours every day indulging yourself, this is unlikely. In fact, masturbation is good for you. Here’s why:
• Masturbation helps prevent cervical infections and relieves urinary tract infections by flushing out bad bacteria.
• The more orgasms a woman has, whether solo or à deux, the less chance she has of developing heart disease and type-2 diabetes.
• Masturbation relieves depression and stress by boosting dopamine and epinephrine.
• It’s good exercise for your pelvic floor, preventing incontinence and prolapse. Eek!
• Orgasm helps you relax, oxytocin and endorphins are released, which helps you sleep.

Vodka and Vibrators

Do women really find it that difficult to talk about masturbation? Not my friends, but according to the owner of Love Joule, a Tokyo bar, they do. “Since most people view female masturbation as something of a mystery or taboo, it is not a usual topic at typical bars,” says Megumi Nakagawa, the bar’s owner. I hardly think it is a mystery to most women, but hey, I might be wrong. Love Joule aims to encourage conversation by displaying vibrators along with the alcohol. The bar is women-only although men are welcome if a female friend accompanies them.