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Penis facts

The penis is a feat of biological engineering and most of us have had to deal with one at some point or other, either your own or someone else’s. Here are some interesting facts about man’s other best friend.
1. Penises need exercise. Having regular erections helps keep a penis in good working order.
2. There is no consistent relationship between the size of a flaccid penis and an erect one. Some are ‘growers’, others are ‘show-ers’, and some are both! A study found that erection increases can vary from as little as a quarter inch to 3.5 inches.
3. For the majority of men, the underside of the glans and the underside of the shaft are the most sensitive parts of the penis.
4. Sad but true – sensitivity declines with age. And worse news, sensitivity begins to decrease from the age of 25 although the sharpest decline is between 65 and 75. The good news is that because it happens gradually most men are not really aware of decreased sensitivity.
5. Penises are a little like icebergs in that a lot of them is hidden from view – half the length of the penis is inside the body.

Sex and Food: Should you have sex across the dietary divide?

Sex and food is a winning combination as far as I’m concerned. But things are a little more complicated than whether you prefer to eat sushi, chocolate or ice cream off your lover.

The animal rights organisation, Peta, will tell you that vegetarians make better lovers because they have a healthier diet. It’s claimed that vegetarians have more energy, smell better and that veggie blokes are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction because they don’t have all that horrible animal fat clogging up their arteries.

Vegetarians can be quite evangelical about food, but they are nothing compared to vegans. Vegans are hardcore. Not only do they not eat any animal products, they don’t wear leather, wool or silk. They can’t wear shoes that have been made using glue derived from animal products. They will only drink certain brands of wine, whiskey and beer. They even have to buy special vegan condoms.

I know all this because I dated a vegan for a while last year. He spent a lot of time trying to change my eating habits (I eat fish, but not meat) and making me watch educational documentaries, but our dietary habits were not really an issue. Mostly because I only ate vegan meals when I was with him. Not because I had to, it was just easier (and because I had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t touch me if I’d been hoovering up cheese…). But I figured that sooner or later he’d give me an ultimatum: “It’s me or the fish. One of us will have to go!”

Anyway, although I don’t eat meat, I don’t mind being around people who do and am happy to have sex with carnivores. And to be honest I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in the sexual abilities of meat-eaters and vegetarians. But I was wondering if other people feel that diet is a consideration when it comes to choosing a sexual partner.

If you are a vegetarian, is it unethical to have sex with a carnivore?
If you love meat, are vegetarians just a pain in the ass to be around?

Whaddya think?

Q&A: Erection Difficulties with a Condom

hi ann,
my boyfriend has never had problems in the bedroom but recently we went through a phase of not using condoms, and now we want to go back to using them but every time we do he goes soft. any tips on how we could try to get back into using them?


First things first: If you’ve changed brands recently this could be the problem.

If not, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is actually a fairly common male problem. The cause is generally psychological – either a man feels he won’t be able to ‘fill’ the condom, or he’s subconsciously resisting using condoms because he prefers sex without them. Once it’s happened once or twice, he starts worrying about it, which unfortunately makes the problem worse.

It doesn’t help that stimulation often stops while he’s putting on the condom. Have the condom ready, and continue to use your hands or mouth on him while he’s opening up the package. If you know there is something that always makes him very horny, do that. Alternatively you could put the condom on for him while he’s stimulating himself. Mostly you guys just need to keep at it. Barring medical problems (which seems unlikely in this case) his ability to sustain an erection should return.

Finally, if he’s had some other difficulty recently (stress, anxiety, bereavement, illness) it could be this and not the condom at all. Thought it’d mention it just in case.