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No Oral Or Anal, We’re Virginals


Germany will soon legally recognise intersex people as a unique category. Although the law falls short of creating a “third gender”, parents of intersex children will not be obliged to fill in a gender on birth certificates and intersex children will be allowed to identify as male, female or neither, later-on in life. The new law will not apply to transgender people. However lawyers have argued that trans people should also have the right to determine their legally recognised gender. Germany’s Justice Minister, Sabine Leuthheusser-Schnarrenberger has said that “comprehensive reform” is needed.



Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is calling for a ban on oral and anal sex between consenting adults. Cuccinelli is an equal opportunity prude – he wants to kibosh all oral and anal between hetero and homosexual couples. It was only in 2003 that America’s Supreme Court ruled that individual states cannot prohibit private sexual activity between same-sex adults, although Virginia only overturned its ban on “sodomy” last month. Cuccinelli has asked the federal court to reconsider this decision.



Google Glass is not yet available, but the world’s first porn film using the technology has already been made. The film stars the ever-popular James Deen and Andy San Dimas. They have sex on her desk while wearing the Google Glass headgear, which allows them to watch each other’s point of view though their paired devices. Which is damn pretty clever, and suggests we may be able to have sex in a completely new way, very soon!



There is a whole range of contraceptive choices these days. Choosing the best one for you can be confusing. Here are the most popular types of contraception and their effectiveness rates.

• Pill – 99 percent effective if taken properly. Some medications can interfere with contraceptive pills, so be sure to check with
your doctor.

• Mini-Pill – 96 to 99 percent effective. The mini-pill has to be taken at the same time every day. If not, it is less effective.
• Injection – 99 percent effective. A good choice if you don’t mind needles.

• Patch – 99 percent effective, but you do have wear a plaster for three weeks out of four.

• Implant – 99 percent effective and works for up to three years. You can feel the implant under the skin, but it is not visible.

• Intrauterine System – 99 percent effective and works for up to five years. However it is generally only given to women who have already had a family.

• Coil – 98 to 99 percent effective and can stay in for up to ten years.

• Vaginal Ring – 99 percent effective if
properly used.

• Diaphragm or Cap – 92 to 98 percent effective. I don’t like those odds…

• Condoms – 99 percent effective if used properly and the only contraception that prevents sexually transmitted diseases. Using condoms properly along with the pill is as close to a guarantee as you will get.

Anal Condoms?

The manufacturer Origami has designed a condom specifically for anal intercourse. The Origami Receptive Anal Intercourse (RAI) condom is a fairly space-age looking yoke with columns that expand and contract during sex. According to the manufacturers, this design offers significant advantages over a traditional condom such as an easy insertion method that anchors the condom internally, making it safer to use and a tubular structure that provides a natural internal liner for the penis. If the design is approved, the RIA condoms should be available in stores from 2015.

Q&A: Do girls like anal sex?

You’re obviously wise enough to realise that what you see in porn often fails to square with reality, or you wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place. Having said that, yes, some women do really enjoy anal sex as it gives them the feeling of being very “full”. Other women may enjoy anal play but not necessarily be keen on having full anal sex. And some women are not keen at all. You won’t know until you ask.

It mightn’t be a bad idea to approach the topic after sex as opposed to beforehand – less pressure. When suggesting something new it’s often better to broach the topic like: “Have you ever wondered what…” instead of a “I want to…”

If your girlfriend isn’t totally against the idea but is worried about pain, you could try suggesting butt plugs to begin with. You should also get one for yourself. A man’s prostate gland can be stimulated through the anal wall and most guys find this really pleasurable.

Anal sex should not be painful. If it is, you’re going too fast or not using enough lube. Taking your time and using plenty of lube are the two golden rules. Go slowly. And by slowly I mean really slowly. It takes time to for the anus muscles to adjust to the new sensation.

Get a lubricant designed for specifically for anal play. Use plenty. Then use a bit more. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Most sex shops have them, if not, look online. Remember you need a water-based lube, as oil-based lubes are not safe to use with condoms.

Use a condom. Anal sex carries a greater risk of spreading STIs as the skin of the anus is thinner than the vagina.

Use a fresh condom if you move from the anus to the vagina. If you’re in a monogamous relationship and both have been tested for STIs and are no longer using condoms, you need to wash your penis thoroughly before switching between anal and vaginal sex. Bacteria from the anus can easily
give your girlfriend an infection such as cystitis (bladder infection).

Some people are concerned that anything anal can be a bit dirty. Obviously it can be… All sex shops sell douches specifically designed to clean the area.