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Beware of Horny Ladies


A ‘female Viagra’ is due to be released in 2015. The drug, called Lybrido (ho ho), has passed stage-II clinical trials and should be approved by America’s FDA within a year. The problem with Lybrido appears to be that it actually works, which has lead to questions about the advisability of it – horny ladies being a huge problem apparently. Andrew Goldstein, a scientist with Emotional Brain, the manufacturer of Lybrido, has claimed that “a fear of creating the sexually aggressive woman” stalled the process. A New York Times report claimed that Emotional Brain was concerned that the FDA would reject the drug out of concern that it would lead to “female excesses, crazed binges of infidelity, societal splintering.” Hmm… Sexually active women – ruining a society near you soon. Hopefully.



In a second news story that got my blood boiling, and not in a good way, an article on a popular New Zealand website has essentially accused Irish folks of being riddled with sexually transmitted diseases. The article claims that rates of chlamydia have increased, as has the number of Irish people attending a sexual health clinic in Christchurch. The article quoted a doctor who claimed that Kiwi women had higher STI rates than in other countries and that many of them “found the Irish accent alluring.” Unsurprisingly the article has angered Irish people living in New Zealand. You could draw a completely different conclusion from these facts if you wished – namely that Irish men have been infected by locals, and are at least smart enough to deal with the problem (even if they weren’t smart enough to wear condoms initially). The author defended the article claiming that statistics for other nationalities were not yet available. Dear oh dear…


Bondage Junkies offers original amateur bondage photos and films, but despite the amateur status the quality is really good. The site is new and currently has over seven hundred downloadable photos, and a total of 155 minutes of downloadable movie files. The site has a transparent preview so you can see exactly what you are getting before you download. The site costs $19.95 for a single month’s access or $15.95 for a monthly subscription. See for details.



More than half of newly weds don’t have sex on their wedding night. That is according to a survey of 2,000 British people, which found that 52 percent of just hitched couples skip wedding night sex. The majority of the couples surveyed (72 percent) said that sex on the wedding night was not the big deal it once was. As most couples have consummated the relationship long before wedding bells peal, that’s hardly surprising. The biggest factor for lack of sex was a squiffy groom who either couldn’t or couldn’t be bothered. For shame!


Here are the top ten reasons newly weds didn’t bed:

1. The groom was too drunk (24%)

2. The bride was too tired and fell asleep (16%)

3. The bride was too drunk (13%)

4. Had to look after our children (11%)

5. We had an argument before wedding reception ended (9%)

6. Needed to leave for our honeymoon (9%)

7. Stayed up all night partying/celebrating with guests (7%)

8. The groom was too tired and fell asleep (4%)

9. Neither of us felt like having sex (4%)

10. Other (3%) – I hate to think what this could cover.

Smaller Balls, Better Dad

Sex toy company Nalone has released a range of nine sex toys that respond to the user’s moans – the louder and faster you are, the faster the toy vibrates keeping time with your responses. Whisper and the toy responds slightly, while loud noises or music will produce strong vibrations. The toys use touch technology and electro magnetic pulses to allow users to customise their vibrating patterns. Clever!



I’m not sure how anyone is going to feel about this, but Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia has released a study that found that men with small testicles make better fathers and are more involved in their children’s upbringing. The research team used MRI scans to measure the volume of the testicles of fifty-five fathers and the men – and the mothers of their children answered questions to determine how hands-on they are as dads. The blokes with smaller testicles got the best parenting scores and were seen as the most nurturing. Fifty-five men is not exactly a huge sample group, and other academics have described the result as “very surprising.” The Emory University researchers did note that being involved with your children is largely a matter of choice, however.



Be glad you have access to hundreds of sex advice books if you need them: women in China are apparently so starved for sexual information that they are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to learn how to have sex. A number of sex coaches are said to be tapping the Chinese market and reports say that the demand for information is high. Many young people leave school without even cursory sexual education, and conservative social mores means people are reluctant to talk about sex publicly. Studies seem to confirm this: in 2010, a report from Peking University claimed that half of sexually active unmarried people in China have unprotected sex; another study found that only 9 percent of Chinese know how to put a condom on properly. Yikes!



Dusk TV, an adult cable station, held its first “Porna Awards” this Saturday – porna being their word for porn aimed at female viewers. A panel of than more 1,700 women watched and rated porn films and these seven were nominated:

Your Orgasm Inside Me – Dane Jones

Cabaret Desire – Erika Lust

The Kiss – Kendo

Aphrodite Superstar – Candida Royalle

A Taste Of Joy – Petra Joy

Don Juan’s Therapist – Nica Noelle

Skin. Like. Sun. – Jennifer Lyon Bell

Petra Joy’s A Taste Of Joy won the overall award. Joy uses non-professionals, often couples, in her work and makes women’s pleasure central to the storyline.

Banning The Bronze Breasts!


This October ‘Project Bush’ is hoping to photograph British lady gardens. Project Bush is described as “a call to action for women to stand up to the pressures of modern society and present their bushes in all their glory” – and thereby claim it is an expression of “modern feminism.” Alisa Connan, the celebrity photographer, will be taking the snaps and volunteers’ privacy will be strictly maintained. Hmmm… I don’t care what you do with your bush. Wax it or don’t, let it grow wild if you will, or give it a close crop – just keep your camera away from mine.



FriendFinder Networks, publisher of Penthouse magazine and numerous adult-entertainment websites, has filed for bankruptcy. FriendFinder’s business model seemed a no-brainer – combining sex and social networking through its websites. The company’s services included live video, chat rooms, and photo and video sharing. Ezra Shashoua, the company’s chief financial officer, blamed a drop in membership and increased advertising costs and claimed that credit card companies had refused to process the company’s online transactions.



Citizens in Kansas have been up in arms about a bronze statue in the Overland Park Arboretum depicting a woman with her shirt undone. The statue called “Accept or Reject” shows a woman taking a self-portrait of her exposed breasts. The statue was donated to the park by the sculptor Yu Chang. Last year concerned citizens, with the help of the conservative American Family Association (AFA), convened a grand jury for the purpose of deciding whether the statue was “obscene.” The grand jury decided that the statue did not meet the legal definition. Kansas officials have already spent over $35,000 to defend the statue. The AFA is now attempting to bring the sculpture to criminal court. If the AFA wins, the statue would be seen as evidence of a crime, leading to a bit of a legal nightmare. Who would be indicted for the crime – the sculptor, the park, or the city itself? Who knew that bronze breasts were so controversial? Perhaps Michelangelo’s David needs a fig leaf?




This is quite clever. Fabrizio Dolfi, an app developer based in London, has designed the MySexDoctor app to educate young people about sexual health and sexuality. The app also answers questions on topics that young people may be too embarrassed to ask about. Dolfi wanted to offer young people a reliable source of sexual information amid all the dodgy advice and porn found online.

The app is comprehensive and each subject also contains a FAQ section. MySexDoctor is available in “full” and “lite” versions. The lite version is free and available to anyone over twelve; the full version costs $1.99 and is for young people aged seventeen and older.

Countdown to Erotica 2013

Taking place between Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2013 at the beautiful and atmospheric pop up style village location of Tobacco Dock, London E1, Erotica brings the very best in the world of adult lifestyle and sexual wellbeing in the shape of shopping, delicious eats and drinks, access to the latest sexual health information courtesy of the John Hunter Sexual Health Clinic, informative and educational workshops and seminars, throughout the venue as well as photo opportunities and lots of chances to win competition prizes…all under one roof.
The specifically Erotica curated Torture Garden, Circus Circle and Burlesque stages starring the likes of Beatrix Von Bourbon (below), Aurora Galore, Marnie Scarlet & dozens more mean there’ll be no shortage of WOW factor all weekend. There’s also lots of evening events and parties too!

And For the first time ever in conjunction with Fierce Angels (from the creator of Hed Kandi), Erotica will also play host to an in-house club night.

There will also be a team of Erotica experts offering advice and tips on all things sex; as well access to the performers and the exhibitors taking part including an interior design company that specialises in erotic environments, the creators of unique brand of wooden sex toys, gold plated sex toys and the introduction of the Decimator – “the world’s largest commercially produced bipolar e-stim electrode!” unveiled exclusively at Erotica.