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Womens Top Five Sexual Fantasies


The Californian state assembly is considering making it illegal to post “revenge porn”. If passed, the law will make it a crime to post a video or photo of someone who is partially or fully undressed without their permission. A law already exists to protect those who were secretly filmed and the new law would apply to images where the subject had originally given consent to being photographed or filmed. Revenge porn has become increasingly prevalent in the last few years, as more and more people share naked images with partners – and it is possible to save or recover images that are supposed to self-destruct using apps like Snapchat.



This may not be the most architecturally exciting update of the classic Swiss chalet, but authorities in Zurich have unveiled drive-in sex chalets to improve security for sex workers and their clients. The chalets are located on a former industrial estate (sexy!) and are equipped with panic alarms and reminders to practise safe sex. The scheme has the support of residents and similar initiatives have been launched in Germany. Next stop, Limerick!



Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has been sentenced to 270 days in jail and three years’ probation for assaulting a woman in his Los Angeles home in 2011. Francis was found guilty of choking his victim and repeatedly slamming her head to the ground. Francis has also been ordered to complete an anger management course and attend therapy. Francis is maintaining his innocence and will remain free until the outcome of his appeal. After receiving his sentence Francis complained to the press that the members of the jury were “retarded” and said that, “they should all be lined up and shot.” He later apologized for these remarks.



You love the Lord and your partner – but, hell, the sexual boredom has set in. No bother – log on to and get your freak on with other God-fearing horny people or as the site puts it “devout Christian couples who still want to have an active love life and share it with another, in good faith!” I thought this site was an elaborate hoax, but it seems to be genuine – my mind is officially blown.



What are women’s favourite sexual fantasies? Emily Dubberley investigated our contemporary fantasies and her book Garden of Desires explores them. Here is the top five:

1. Submissive fantasies: these cover a wide range of fantasies, from BDSM sex play to giving up control or being emotionally or sexually obedient.

2. Dominant fantasies: as the name suggests here, the fantasy is one of being in control and being sexually assertive.

3. Exhibitionist and voyeuristic fantasies: fantasies involving watching or being watched in the act of having sex.

4. Group sex fantasies: these may have dominant, submissive or exhibitionist streaks to them but the main feature of these fantasies is the idea of multiple partners.

5. Partner fantasies: sex with a particular person, which could be a lover, a friend, a famous person or the local petrol-pump attendant.

Cheating Marriages Are Best


A study has found that most British men rate their sexual skills as slightly better than average. The survey carried out by the not-very-scientific chat room site Cam4 found that, on average, men say they are a six out of ten in bed. The women surveyed were more enthusiastic, and rated their partners as a seven on average. However they were less sure of their own skills and most of the women felt that they too were a six on the scale. Two thirds of the respondents, male and female, believed their partner was a better lover than them. On the face of it, this lack of sexual confidence seems quite sad, but who would you rather be with – a partner so blithely confident they never listen to feedback, or someone who thinks you are great and is willing to do anything they can to make sure you enjoy yourself?



Virginia Johnson, one half of the groundbreaking sex research team, Masters and Johnson, passed away this July at the age of 88. Johnson began her sex research career in the late 1950s at Washington University in St. Louis as William H. Masters’ assistant, and later his collaborator. The two became lovers and married in 1971. Masters and Johnson overturned the widely accepted Freudian principle that vaginal orgasm, instead of clitoral, was the correct response of a sexually mature woman; and their books Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy were both bestsellers.



A sociologist has argued that non-monogamous marriages are the healthiest. Eric Anderson, author of The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating interviewed 120 men about relationships, sex and monogamy and concluded that cheating was a rational response to the irrational expectations of monogamy. The sociologist asserts that a wandering eye can be viewed as a sign of a healthy long-term relationship because in established relationships sex generally decreases in frequency. Cheating allows for both sexual novelty and the intimacy of a long-term relationship. While there are certainly some interesting ideas here, Anderson’s 120 interviewees were all sportsmen aged 18-22 years old, and the sociologist seems to have ignored the possibility that monogamy may be just as monotonous for women.




Did you know that the first week of August is National Orgasm Week? To celebrate, the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative held a discussion in Chicago and their speakers came up with ten rather weird rules for better sex. Here they are:

10. When dating, stop pretending to be someone you are not.

9. Jesus, the Bible, and the church are not all you need. Felicia Houston, founder of the Anointed Wives Ministry reckoned that sex was important too. Er, yes.

8. Touch yourself in a sensual manner; learn to appreciate your body.

7. The oral sex scenes in the porn videos are bogus.

6. What a man eats affects the sperm. True!

5. If your husband would rather watch sports or play video games, kneel down in front of him. “The distraction works,” said Marie Green of Naughty Rooms. “No man would say no to that foreplay.” Huh? I’m confused. Is that a subtle way of offering a blowjob or just waggling your boobs in front of the telly?

3. Use a dental dam when receiving oral sex, as it will force him to work harder.

2. But… Don’t work so hard for him! Don’t deep-throat, use your hand and mouth together.

1. Men must take it slow so that women will achieve moisture and adequate lubrication said Dr Jessica Shepherd. Conversely, “men take little time to climax; a man could orgasm just by looking at you.” Well now I feel bad – I’ve never made someone come by just standing there.

For some more practical advice on improving your orgasm, see this week’s sex tip.

No Oral Or Anal, We’re Virginals


Germany will soon legally recognise intersex people as a unique category. Although the law falls short of creating a “third gender”, parents of intersex children will not be obliged to fill in a gender on birth certificates and intersex children will be allowed to identify as male, female or neither, later-on in life. The new law will not apply to transgender people. However lawyers have argued that trans people should also have the right to determine their legally recognised gender. Germany’s Justice Minister, Sabine Leuthheusser-Schnarrenberger has said that “comprehensive reform” is needed.



Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is calling for a ban on oral and anal sex between consenting adults. Cuccinelli is an equal opportunity prude – he wants to kibosh all oral and anal between hetero and homosexual couples. It was only in 2003 that America’s Supreme Court ruled that individual states cannot prohibit private sexual activity between same-sex adults, although Virginia only overturned its ban on “sodomy” last month. Cuccinelli has asked the federal court to reconsider this decision.



Google Glass is not yet available, but the world’s first porn film using the technology has already been made. The film stars the ever-popular James Deen and Andy San Dimas. They have sex on her desk while wearing the Google Glass headgear, which allows them to watch each other’s point of view though their paired devices. Which is damn pretty clever, and suggests we may be able to have sex in a completely new way, very soon!



There is a whole range of contraceptive choices these days. Choosing the best one for you can be confusing. Here are the most popular types of contraception and their effectiveness rates.

• Pill – 99 percent effective if taken properly. Some medications can interfere with contraceptive pills, so be sure to check with
your doctor.

• Mini-Pill – 96 to 99 percent effective. The mini-pill has to be taken at the same time every day. If not, it is less effective.
• Injection – 99 percent effective. A good choice if you don’t mind needles.

• Patch – 99 percent effective, but you do have wear a plaster for three weeks out of four.

• Implant – 99 percent effective and works for up to three years. You can feel the implant under the skin, but it is not visible.

• Intrauterine System – 99 percent effective and works for up to five years. However it is generally only given to women who have already had a family.

• Coil – 98 to 99 percent effective and can stay in for up to ten years.

• Vaginal Ring – 99 percent effective if
properly used.

• Diaphragm or Cap – 92 to 98 percent effective. I don’t like those odds…

• Condoms – 99 percent effective if used properly and the only contraception that prevents sexually transmitted diseases. Using condoms properly along with the pill is as close to a guarantee as you will get.