Sex Tip: The Joy Of Wax

One of the easiest (and least painful) ways of introducing a little kink into your relationship is by using hot wax during sex play. While this is often regarded as a BDSM activity, it is not necessarily. Lots of BDSM practitioners would regard this as vanilla, and plenty of people who are not involved in BDSM use hot wax.

Depending on how they are made, candles burn at different temperatures ranging from around 120 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperature wax is available from most sex stores. Because they melt at a much lower temperature this is a good option if you want to cover large areas of your partner’s body.

You can use a candle, melted wax or a combination of wax and oil. The wax should be melted, not boiling – the point is not to scar your partner – and can be dripped or painted on with a brush.

Newbies should start with a tiny amount of wax, dropped from high above your partner’s body. You can use more wax and move closer depending on your partner’s level of comfort. Keep water or ice nearby to be on the safe side.

Unless you really want to experience significant pain, avoid areas where there is lots of hair. Oil your partner’s body first as this will make removing the wax easier. Ice comes in handy here too.

Obviously wax can be messy and ideally you’ll need a covering over the bed or floor if you don’t want to spend ages cleaning up later.