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Sexton’s Miscellany: Personals Abbreviations

Most people know the common abbreviations found in personal ads, such as WLTM (would like to meet) and M4W (man for woman). Back in the day, newspapers charged advertisers per letter and abbreviations cut down costs. These days they are used to help find the right kind of person. Here are 20 abbreviations you probably need to know to get through the personal ads minefield.

BB: bare back – in other words,

no condom

BBW: big beautiful woman

BHM: big handsome man

CD: cross-dresser

D/D: drug and disease

DDF: drug and disease free

DTF: down to fuck

FTM: female to male (transsexual)

HWP: height weight proportional

MOTOS: member of the opposite sex

MOTSS: member of the same sex

MTF: male-to-female (transsexual)

PNP: party and play

SWS: sex without strings

T4M: transvestite looking for male

TG: transgendered

TLC: tender loving care

TV: transvestite

W/E: well endowed

W/S: water-sports – for example,

urine play

Prison Sex

Watch any film or television show set in a prison and there is almost always at least one character being forced into a sexual relationship with another. But how much coercive, or consensual sex, goes on in prison? A British charity has embarked on a two-year study of sex in prison to find out. Unlike most European prisons, the UK has an outright ban on conjugal visits. Consensual sex between inmates is not allowed either as cells are deemed to be public places – which, considering the public doesn’t have access to them, seems a bit odd.

Sex Vs. Work

Another day, another sex survey. According to that well-known research group, the online casino Roxy Palace, 43% of men would give up sex in order to keep their jobs. Married men and those with kids were more likely to feel this way than carefree bachelors. Given the state of the job market, this is understandable, certainly more so than the 15% of people who told yet another silly survey that they would prefer a weekend of no sex to a weekend of no iPhone. Luckily for us all, you’ll probably never have to choose.

Sex Life: Liam Harkin

Biggest turn-on?

Any lady with an interest in classic action films such as Under Siege or Die Hard.


Ever faked an orgasm?

I’m easily excited.


Your first sexual experience?

The roof of a caravan in Donegal on my 17th birthday.

The most public place you’ve
had sex?

See above.


Favourite sex toy?

Boris my teddy bear – good for a snuggle on lonely nights.


Sexiest song?

The Doors’ ‘Riders On The Storm’


Sexiest movie?

Hmm, a tricky one! I would have to say The Fifth Element, great script and Milla Jovovich’s Lee Loo Dallas Multipass gets me every time.


Liam is a currently working on pre-production for his first feature film The Cull, a horror comedy against the backdrop of the recession.

Sex Tip: The Joy Of Wax

One of the easiest (and least painful) ways of introducing a little kink into your relationship is by using hot wax during sex play. While this is often regarded as a BDSM activity, it is not necessarily. Lots of BDSM practitioners would regard this as vanilla, and plenty of people who are not involved in BDSM use hot wax.

Depending on how they are made, candles burn at different temperatures ranging from around 120 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperature wax is available from most sex stores. Because they melt at a much lower temperature this is a good option if you want to cover large areas of your partner’s body.

You can use a candle, melted wax or a combination of wax and oil. The wax should be melted, not boiling – the point is not to scar your partner – and can be dripped or painted on with a brush.

Newbies should start with a tiny amount of wax, dropped from high above your partner’s body. You can use more wax and move closer depending on your partner’s level of comfort. Keep water or ice nearby to be on the safe side.

Unless you really want to experience significant pain, avoid areas where there is lots of hair. Oil your partner’s body first as this will make removing the wax easier. Ice comes in handy here too.

Obviously wax can be messy and ideally you’ll need a covering over the bed or floor if you don’t want to spend ages cleaning up later.

Sexton’s Miscellany: Same Sex Marriage Around The World

Same-sex marriage is very topical at the moment. Barack Obama recently came out in favour of it, and our own Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore called it “the civil rights issue of this generation.” While the civil partnership laws mean that Ireland is ahead of much of the world in recognising the rights of the LGBT couples, campaigners for full civil marriage believe our two-tier system is inherently unequal, and considering that the protections offered by marriage and civil unions differ, it is hard to argue with that. Only 11 countries have legislated for full civil marriage. These are:

1. The Netherlands

2. Belgium

3. Spain

4. Portugal

5. Norway

6. Sweden

7. Denmark

8. Iceland

9. Canada

10. Argentina

11. South Africa

Gay and lesbian marriage is legal in Mexico but bizarrely, couples can only tie the knot in Mexico City, although the marriage is recognised across the entire country. Six US states recognise gay marriage: Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont, as does the District of Columbia. Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Argentina have overwhelming Catholic populations, just like Ireland, and if they can do it, why can’t we?

Channel 4 Sex Ed Film Withdrawn

A sex education film for primary schools made by Channel 4 has been withdrawn after objections from parents. Both parents and members of parliament complained about the film, Living & Growing, which was criticised for being too explicit for children. Schools minister Nick Gibb described the film as “shocking” and asked for scenes to be cut. The objectionable segments included a cartoon aimed at eight-year-olds showing a couple chasing one another around with a feather before having sex. The national body representing sex education teachers blamed “a small but influential number of politicians, parents and right-wing religious groups” for the withdrawal.

Quality Vs. Quantity

From the land that gave us super sizing, it may not be all that surprising that Americans are having more sex but enjoying it less. According to a recent survey Americans have sex 151 times a year, up 31 times from 2011. However, over 80% of respondents said they were hoping to make their sex lives more exciting and the number of people who were satisfied with their sex lives dropped from 76 to 67%.

Sex Life: Cyril Bedeway

Biggest turn-on?

I love novels where you can read the dirty things but nobody has written an Irish one yet. I am currently writing my own sexy book called 50 Shades Of Ginger.


Ever faked an orgasm?

I did fake it once. I was quite impressed with how convincing I was. Unfortunately I was on my own.


Your first sexual experience?

It was like most Irish people. F*cked by Michael O’Leary while traveling with Ryanair.


The most public place you’ve had sex?

I once had the window open but the curtains closed. I know pretty crazy. Oh and lane 12 of Leisureplex Blanchardstown.


Favourite sex toy?

Spoons (same answer applies to favourite utensil, instrument and word that rhymes with moon)


Sexiest song?

‘Happy Birthday’


Sexiest movie?

Road Safety Authority: Rules Of The Road. I think mono tonal voice overs are so hot.


Cyril Bedeway is one of the alter egos of comedian Ross Browne. Cyril is among the resident hosts of City Limits comedy club, Cork.

Sex Tip: Dams And Lollyes

To really practice safe sex, you should use protection even when giving head. That means condoms for him and dams or lollyes for her. Granted, it is harder to spread sexually transmitted infections through oral sex, as there is less chance of minor cuts and tears and therefore blood – however it is certainly worth knowing how to give a partner pleasurable oral sex with protection.

Dams are little squares of latex, originally used by dentists to isolate a tooth. Lollyes are essentially the same, but thinner, and created specifically for safe sex.

Use some lube on her clitoris and place the dam over it. This will make the oral sex feel better and wetter. Unfortunately it will also cause the dam to slide so you’ll need to keep a hold on it. Once the dam is in place, you can proceed with oral sex the way you normally would. Keep extra ones handy in case you need them. Use a fresh one if it slides off, as you may not know which side you have been licking.

If you’ve never tasted latex before you’d be better off licking one of these before using them on a partner to get used to the taste. Alternatively, you can use a flavoured lube on both side of the dam.