Monthly Archives: July 2012

Irish do well in latest Durex Sex Survey

Ah, I love a good survey… Every year the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey tries to give a snapshot of sexual attitudes and behaviours around the world. The 2012 survey had some interesting stats on the Irish and it is mostly good news:

Two thirds of Irish couples have sex at least once a week – that’s more than the Japanese (27%), Aussies (62%) and the Swiss (62%).

We spend an average of 17 minutes on foreplay – that’s the global average, which means we’re not slacking but not exactly putting in extra effort either. Room for improvement I think…

We also spend 17 minutes on the actual penetrative part as well. That’s more than the supposedly sex gods, the French and their feeble 14 minutes, and better than the Brits (14 mins), the Spanish (15 mins) and the Germans (16 mins – and since they are Germans I presume 16 mins is very efficient).

Condom usage is up. Around 70% of us always practice safe sex. A few years back Durex found that around half of us didn’t always use condoms, even with a new partner.

So we’re getting smarter with our health and are not too shabby in the bedroom gymnastics department either. A big round of applause to us all!

Bliss Festival: Sexual Pleasure in Louth!

After a successful festival earlier this year, the folks behind Bliss are back with a new weekend dedicated to sexual pleasure. The workshops cover a wide variety of topics, from tantra to BDSM, which should mean there is something for everyone. The festival takes place over the 4th and 5th of August in Drogheda.This may seem like an odd choice but then again, Drogheda is the town that spawned me… You can read all the details at here.