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In 2006, midway through George W. Bush’s second term, the sex therapist and author Marty Klein published America’s War On Sex: The Attack On Law, Lust & Liberty. This year Klein has updated the book arguing that the assault on sexual freedom and reproductive rights has only increased during Obama’s presidency, with restrictive attitudes becoming increasingly mainstream. Klein argues that the religious right has “become stronger, smarter, richer, and more aggressive with regard to sexuality”; that homophobia and attacks on the LGBT community are more widespread; and that the undermining of reproductive rights is on the increase. The new edition released this May will be available soon from Amazon UK for around £30.

Death by sex?

In this issue’s column I’ve been noting that having sex with a stranger can be a dangerous undertaking at times. Generally the risk is thought to apply to women, but not all the time. A Munich nymphomaniac has been hospitalised in a psychiatric institution after police were called to rescue a man who fell into her clutches. After returning to her home and having sex with the unnamed woman repeatedly, the exhausted man asked to leave but she would not let him, eventually prompting him to call for assistance, telling police, “She is trying to kill me with sex.” When the police arrived to free the victim, the woman apparently offered the cops a “quickie.”

Octomom porn

Nadya Suleman, better known as the Octomom, has been signed by Vivid Entertainment to make a porn video. However Suleman has nixed the idea of starring alongside another performer and has opted to do a self-pleasure shoot. Steven Hirsch, a producer with Vivid, allegedly offered Suleman as much as a $1 million to perform sexually explicit scenes, but she rejected the offer. Hirsch believes her solo act is unlikely to sell as well as an explicit porn movie, but that they are expecting a hit nonetheless as people will be drawn to the comedic element of seeing the Octomom get her jollies.

Men fake orgasms

Everybody knows that women sometimes feel compelled to fake sexual pleasure – but according to a study published in the Journal Of Sex Research, 25% of men have pretended to orgasm too. That’s less than women – half of all women have faked it – but still a significant number nonetheless. The reasons are similar to women’s – wanting to finish the sexual experience, not wanting to hurt their partner’s feelings, and wanting to keep a partner happy.

Technology for the lonely

The world is full of lonely people looking for sex, love and companionship. If you are craving human company, I am not sure technology is the answer but that hasn’t stopped the geeks from trying. Pillow Talk is a pillow (surprise, surprise!) that mimics a heartbeat to recreate the feeling of lying in bed next to another person. I can imagine that this may be comforting to the recently bereaved but I can’t think who would really get any joy from the app FakeGirlfriend. FakeGirlfriend allows men to create their own virtual girlfriend and receive computer generated text messages from her. I guess if you really need to fool someone into thinking you are all loved-up, it might be useful, but if you are lonely, I can’t imagine how fake messages would do anything but remind you of the fact.

Jesus says: Bully gay kids

The sheer lack of Christianity in America’s Christian right never fails to make my blood boil. Christian lobby groups like Focus on the Family and Concerned Women for America are opposing anti-bullying legislation. Why? Because they reckon it shouldn’t be illegal to bully young people who are gay. Focus on the Family claim the legislation to be ‘pro-gay’ and others have argued that bullying should be acceptable if it is based on “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” Given that the bullying of gay teens has led to a number of suicides in the USA in recent years, the extreme position taken by these conservative groups is nothing short of disgusting.

Ladies like spring sex

Uh oh! Men and women are seasonally incompatible. That’s according to Norwegian researchers, who have claimed that women are at the most sexually active and libidinous in the spring, while men prefer the autumn. The researchers have concluded that light and sun prompt women’s desire. However it appears that both sexes are less than excited about sex in December. Really? You could have fooled me! I like a man for all seasons!

Transgender Miss Universe?

Beauty pageants remind me of the Crufts dog show, but there is no doubting their popularity in some parts of the world, and a new rule-change could see them becoming more inclusive. The Miss Universe pageant has changed its rules to allow transgender women to participate. Jenna Talackova, the Miss Canada contestant, who underwent sex reassignment surgery four years ago, prompted the change. Talackov’s sex change initially meant that organisers in Canada had to disqualify her because formerly the rules demanded that all contestants be “naturally born” women.