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Penis facts

The penis is a feat of biological engineering and most of us have had to deal with one at some point or other, either your own or someone else’s. Here are some interesting facts about man’s other best friend.
1. Penises need exercise. Having regular erections helps keep a penis in good working order.
2. There is no consistent relationship between the size of a flaccid penis and an erect one. Some are ‘growers’, others are ‘show-ers’, and some are both! A study found that erection increases can vary from as little as a quarter inch to 3.5 inches.
3. For the majority of men, the underside of the glans and the underside of the shaft are the most sensitive parts of the penis.
4. Sad but true – sensitivity declines with age. And worse news, sensitivity begins to decrease from the age of 25 although the sharpest decline is between 65 and 75. The good news is that because it happens gradually most men are not really aware of decreased sensitivity.
5. Penises are a little like icebergs in that a lot of them is hidden from view – half the length of the penis is inside the body.

BOOKS: Sex In Art: Pornography And Pleasure In The History Of Art

If you are interested in art, art history and erotica, Cassidy Hughes’ Sex In Art is the book for you. This is a detailed overview of erotic art from ancient to contemporary times. Hughes examined both Western and Eastern erotic art covering famous artists as well as chapters on erotic art from Greece, Rome and Egypt as well as China, Japan and India. The book is available at Amazon UK, with prices ranging from £25 upwards.

Better sex in Russia

Russians have happier sex lives. Well, sort of. A recent survey found that 20% of Russians are satisfied with their sex lives. Not a huge amount, but a whooping increase from 1999 when it was found that only 8% of people were happy between the sheets. But it is not all bad news – just 4% claimed to be displeased with sex, while 12% were indifferent to the whole malarkey.

More sex in China

China, generally seen as a sexually conservative nation, is becoming increasingly tolerant towards pre-marital sex. That’s according to a survey that found that more than 70% of Chinese people have had sex before marriage. This is a huge increase – a similar survey conducted in 1994 found that only 40% of the country had sex outside of marriage, while the 1989 figures reported that the number was just 15%. Sexologist Li Yinhe believes the increase reflects changing attitudes towards sex, with more people seeing sex as a source of pleasure instead of merely a means of reproduction.

Egypt to ban porn

Pornographic websites are to be banned in Egypt following a court ruling that adult material is immoral and that society should be protected from it. A similar ruling was given three years ago, prior to the ousting of Hosni Mubarak, but was not enforced. Human rights activists argue that the proposed ban is a violation of freedom of information, while internet specialists note that it is almost impossible to implement. A similar ruling was overturned by Tunisa’s highest court in March.

Crisis pregnancy, fornication and no action on X

Our esteemed leaders have voted to reject legislation which would have permitted abortions to be carried out in Ireland under limited circumstances. During the X Case 20 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion should be legal when a woman’s life is threatened by continuing her pregnancy. 20 years on and our leaders have avoided actually legislating for this.

The proposal to legislate for abortion under these limited circumstance was put forward by the Socialist Party TD Clare Daly, but it was roundly rejected by 111 votes to 20. Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil voted against the draft legislation.

According to Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin, fornication is “probably the single most likely cause of unwanted pregnancies in this country”. Fornication is sex outside of marriage, but what is largely overlooked in the abortion debate is that a very large percentage of unwanted pregnancies happen in marriages and long term partnerships. A great percentage of the women accessing abortion services in the UK and Europe are already mothers, but who do not have the financial means to care for another child. Unplanned pregnancies don’t just happen to teenagers who have had one too many Bacardi Breezers…

Free HIV and STI testing on 9 May

Nobody likes thinking they may have a sexually transmitted disease, but if you’ve ever had sex without a condom, and that’s most people, it makes sense to get tested.

The Dublin Aids Alliance are offering free HIV and STI Testing at their office 53 Parnell Square West on Wednesday May 9th from 1:45 to 4:00pm. This is a walk in service so no appointment necessary.

This week’s sex tip: Exercise for better sex

You may have seen a story in the news recently claiming that some women orgasm while getting sweaty at the gym. I’m all for getting your pleasures where you can, but frankly I prefer my orgasms when I’m not wearing sweats.

Exercise in general is good for your sex life, because being fit is good for maintaining sexual drive and stamina. However, certain kinds of exercise are more beneficial than others when it comes to sex. Kegels make orgasm easier and stronger. Strengthening your middle, lower back, abdomen and pelvis contributes to one’s ability to thrust. Yoga can help stretch your hip and groin muscles. A stronger backside doesn’t just look good in jeans – it helps support your middle and hips, both important for sex.

Sex itself is a pretty decent workout, but only if you spend some time and energy on it. On average, thirty minutes of sex burns around 85 calories. Which, granted, isn’t a huge amount, but every bit helps! You can up the exercise benefits of sex by spending longer on foreplay and by using more physically demanding positions.

Sex outside

The summer is nearly here, and with warm weather we can enjoy ice-cream, holidays and outdoor sex. Having sex in the great outdoors is all well and good, as long as you are careful and don’t get caught. Em and Lou, the web’s most famous sex experts have ten tips for outdoor sex. Here they are:

1. Keep an eye out for unpleasant plants, such as stinging nettles.
2. Wear a long skirt and no underwear for sex against a tree.
3. Don’t have sex if families with children are anywhere nearby.
4. Bring a blanket if you want to lie down.
5. Don’t remove all your clothes. Remaining half clothed makes it less embarrassing if you get caught, and there is less chance of being bitten or stung by insects.
6. Use a bug repellent, but not on your genitals!
7. The night sky is more romantic than bright sunlight. Zip two sleeping bags together for warmth.
8. If you are having sex in a tent at night switch off lamps and flashlights or your silhouettes, and what you are doing, will be very visible.
9. Legend has it that sex noises can attract animals. It’s not proven but if there is a chance of dangerous wildlife where you are, you may wish to stick to cuddling.
10. Don’t leave used condoms or any other rubbish after you. That’s filthy, but not in a good way.

Norwegian civic pride?

You may love your city, but a group of men from Trondheim in Norway have taken civic pride one step further by filming themselves having sex with some of the city’s most famous landmarks. That’s having sex with the landmarks, not on or beside them. As can be imagined, not everyone is delighted. The
Norwegian University of Science and Technology was not best pleased with a video of men simulating sex on the steps of the institute’s main building. “It goes without saying that we wouldn’t have given our approval if they had come and asked our permission to make this kind of video,” sniffed a spokesman, who added that the videos were, “a very low form of humour and artistic expression.” Maybe so, but they are incredibly funny. And the men featured are rocking some seriously good bodies.