Over-rated sex acts?

The always amusing Em & Lo have done up a list of what they consider the ten most over-rated sex acts. Here’s the link but if you are too lazy for one extra click, these are:
1. Threeways
2. The 69
3. Simultaneous orgasm
4. Female ejaculation & the G-spot
5. Fast-pumping intercourse
6. Deep-throating
7. Sharing ALL your sexual fantasies with your partner
8. Text sex
9. Sending naked photos
10. Two tongue kissing

I agree with many of these. And I was particularly pleased to the 69 made the list. I get too distracted pleasuring someone else to relax enough to enjoy being on the receiving end. Too worried I’ll get overexcited and injure the other person…

I’d add dirty talk to the list. When it is done properly it’s great, but so many people seem to get it wrong. Or that’s my experience anyway.

Also, what the hell is two-tongue kissing? I searched the oracle of knowledge that is the interwebs and only found references to French kissing. I was thinking maybe some kind of threeway kiss thing, but maybe not. If French kissing is what they mean, I’d wholeheartedly disagree. I love kissing…