Barely there condoms

The biggest issue people have with condoms is that using them doesn’t feel as good as skin-to-skin contact. Which, admittedly is true… Although STIs are no picnic and it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

Durex has come up with a range of barely-there condoms which should help. Durex Deluxe and RealFeel allow for the transfer of body heat, meaning you should be hardly able to feel them. Neither are made with latex, so that’s good news for those who are allergic. The Deluxe is the thinnest condom ever made. The Fetherlite Ultra is latex, but only 50 microns thick, making it the thinnest latex condom ever. Plus it designed to be snug at the top of the penis.

I’d like a male perspectives on these, so if any of you have tried them, let’s hear what you think.