Monthly Archives: October 2010

Getting medieval on you…

I was reading a medieval religious text called A Letter on Virginity. The author could not be described as sex-positive… Here is a choice description of sex:

“…that sinful act through which your mother conceived you – that indecent heat of the flesh, that burning itch of physical desire before that disgusting act, that animal union, that shameless coupling, that stinking and wanton deed, full of filthiness.”

Love it! So OTT 🙂

Is female sexual dysfunction a myth?

There’s no doubt that Viagra is one of the most profitable drugs ever made, and since it’s success pharmaceutical companies have been trying to develop an equivalent for women.

Many experts disagree with the whole pharmaceutical definition of female sexual dysfunction claiming women’s sexual problems are far more likely to be psychological, either because of unhappy relationships, boredom or some sexual trauma in the past.

Ray Moynihan’s book, Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals makes a compelling case that pharmaceutical companies have basically invented a disease a declared it widespread.

Here are some interesting articles exploring the idea from The Guardian and Salon.