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Half of all ladies prefer to keep their clothes on…

If the results of the survey by can be believed, 48% of women prefer to keep at least one item of clothing on in bed. The reason for this, according to more than half of the respondents who felt this way, is that it improved body confidence. What’s more, their top choice is a bra, which I’ll admit is a very useful item of clothing during the day, but not particularly comfortable to sleep in.

It’s a fairly sad state of affairs if you dislike your body so much you don’t want your nearest and dearest to look at it too closely. The survey also found that 61% of women want the lights off when they are having sex.

Like most women (and men) there are areas on my body that strike me as less than perfect, but so what? You don’t need a perfectly toned, tanned and hair-free body to be sexy or attractive. What’s more, I often find a partner’s ‘imperfections’ the most attractive thing about them.

Are you comfortable being naked?

There probably isn’t a man or woman alive that doesn’t have at least one hang-up about some part of their body. It’s just how we deal with it that differs. In extreme cases, body hang ups can mean you’ll never have sex with the lights on or refuse to get completely naked with your partner.

Here’s a little test from Psychologies to see how comfy you are in your birthday suit.

Half-price Condoms at Tesco

I do love a good deal, especially in these recessionary times so I was pleased to see that Tesco are selling condoms at half-price. As you well know, condoms are more expensive in Ireland than across most of Europe, but as Tesco themselves would say… every little helps. And as we are heading into the summer festival season, the timing couldn’t be better.

Durex’s Performa, Sensation, Tingle and Pleasuremax condoms normally costs €9.95 for 12, and are currently on sale for a very reasonable €4.97, and if you felt like trying out the Durex Play Vibration vibrating ring, this is also half price at just €4.24. Nice!

Stock up now!