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More weird lingerie… Bizarre Bras

OK, I’ll admit I have something of a thing for weird lingerie. And nice lingerie too. When I write my column I do so in a corset, garter, stockings, heels and a jaunty feather boa* if I’m feeling a bit risque! But as lovely as that is, your regular lace or silk ensembles can’t compete with this lot…

Fearsome Bra


Love it! This bra was auctioned at the Toronto Burlesque Festival with proceeds going to breast cancer awareness. Red feathers, Gene Simmons-like tongue, bad dental work… What’s not to like?

Torture Bra


Doesn’t exactly scream comfort, does it? And think how weird it would look under your tee shirt. Still, it’s rather beautiful in an iron maiden (ie the torture device not the band) kinda way. Would be a great one for Hallowe’en.

The Anti-Boy Bra


Odd but amusing… This bra has a magnetic clasp that takes a lot of strength to open. Which means your prized breasts are safely kept under wraps from prying eyes. Not really sure what the use is here. Surely it’s just a whole lot easier to say ‘back off mister’ instead of investing in underwear that’ll have airport security scanners going ape.

The Ridiculously Expensive Bra


Ah yes, Victoria’s Secret multi-million dollar Fantasy Bra. A snip at $6.5 million. The bra has over 2,000 Hearts on Fire diamonds and a 10-carat diamond brooch in the centre. Hmmm… not liking this one.

While I don’t know where the diamonds in this ensemble come from, it’s true that the diamond mining industry is one of the most corrupt in the world. Child and forced labour are not uncommon in many diamond mines across Africa. The Kimberly Process which is supposed to ensure that diamonds are conflict-free doesn’t work. Despite reports that Robert Mugabe’s soldiers have been forcing villagers to illegally mining Zimbabwe’s diamond fields, and killing those who don’t comply Zim’s diamonds were KP certified as conflict-free in November 2009.

Apologies this is supposed to be a sex blog and not a lecture, but it’s something I feel very strongly about…

*Well I definitely do wear clothes, what with housemates, postmen, cold snaps etc

Odd Undies

Trawling the interweb I came across this collection of strange lingerie.

I’ve seen the male ones before. Not good. If you are gonna wear frills lads, don’t go for such loud colours and nasty material. Flammable pants are always a mistake in my humble opinion.

Quite like the Sudoko ones though…

Women cause earthquakes!

An Iranian cleric reckons women in short skirts incite extramarital sex (fair enough, I’ll give him that) and that all this ‘illegal’ sex causes earthquakes.

Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi told worshippers that: “Many women who dress inappropriately … cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes.”

Interesting theory… but somehow I doubt it’s scientifically sound. But then again, I am a mere woman…