Would you sell your virginity?

Ah yes, another year and yet another story about a college girl auctioning off her virginity to pay for university. The latest one is a Kiwi known only as Unigirl who accepted an offer of over NZD45,000 (around 22,000 euro) for hers, which is a paltry sum compared to Natalie Dylan, an American who picked up a cool USD3.8 million for hers.

The whole cash for hymen thing makes me feel a little queasy. Prostitution, it is said, is the oldest profession, and there are plenty of women who swap sex for financial gain in relationships or marriage. But I thought feminism was supposed to free women from this – firstly by allowing us to go to college and have careers and by stressing the importance of female pleasure in sex. Selling your virginity seems a step backwards to a murkier period when the only commodity of value a woman had was her body and where female virginity was prized.

What’s more, you never forget your first sexual experience. While mine may not have been ‘perfect’ in any way, shape or form, at least I can look back on it and smile. Natalie Dylan and Unigirl, well, I very much doubt they’ll be able to do that. And I can’t help but wonder (getting all Carrie Bradshaw here) how the fact that their first sexual experience was a commercial transaction will affect their ability to enjoy sex and to connect with another person on an intimate level.

Or perhaps I’m just jealous! Hmmm… I wonder if I missed a trick (no pun intended) back when I was at university. When I wasn’t at class, I slaved away in a crappy office, little realising I was sitting, quite literally, on a goldmine. Oh well…