Iris Robinson: Opinions Please!

I was “talking to Joe” this morning, who wanted to know my opinion on older women and younger men. That one’s easy: if both people are adults and consenting, then there is no problem.

However, the whole Iris Robinson scandal seems to me to be a bit more complicated than a case of age difference. In her dealings with Kirk McCambley, the idea of consent seems a little murky.

Firstly, she was supposed to be acting as a sort of mother-figure for him after his father died.

Secondly, when we suffer the death of a loved one, sex is something we turn too almost inevitably because it is life-affirming. It is possible that she may have taken advantage of that.

Thirdly, she used her influence to secure him a loan and a premises. This smacks of “buying” him and it’s possible he was worried that she would block his career if he didn’t have sex with her.

It was revealed earlier today that Kirk pretended to have testicular cancer to end the relationship. If you have to fake a life-threatening illness to end a sexual relationship, its because you feel powerless in relation to your partner or fear they will retaliate in some way. Dodgy…

This could be my own personal prejudice since I dislike la Robinson for a number of reasons: she’s an unrepentant homophobe; a hypocrite; has used her public position for personal gain; and is a bible-basher (I don’t mind religious people at all, only those who scream fire and brimstone at those who don’t share their faith).

Whaddya think? Does this strike you as a consenting sexual relationship or just a wee bit suspect?