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Orgasms for Haiti

The Earth Angel, the Irish company that made the world’s first totally green vibrator have released their newest toy, the Dark Angel.

The Dark Angel is also an environmentally sound vibe, but even better, the company has decided that for every unit sold through its website, it will to donate 10 euros to the Irish Red Cross for relief in Haiti.

See The Earth Angel for more details.


Sex and Food: Should you have sex across the dietary divide?

Sex and food is a winning combination as far as I’m concerned. But things are a little more complicated than whether you prefer to eat sushi, chocolate or ice cream off your lover.

The animal rights organisation, Peta, will tell you that vegetarians make better lovers because they have a healthier diet. It’s claimed that vegetarians have more energy, smell better and that veggie blokes are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction because they don’t have all that horrible animal fat clogging up their arteries.

Vegetarians can be quite evangelical about food, but they are nothing compared to vegans. Vegans are hardcore. Not only do they not eat any animal products, they don’t wear leather, wool or silk. They can’t wear shoes that have been made using glue derived from animal products. They will only drink certain brands of wine, whiskey and beer. They even have to buy special vegan condoms.

I know all this because I dated a vegan for a while last year. He spent a lot of time trying to change my eating habits (I eat fish, but not meat) and making me watch educational documentaries, but our dietary habits were not really an issue. Mostly because I only ate vegan meals when I was with him. Not because I had to, it was just easier (and because I had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t touch me if I’d been hoovering up cheese…). But I figured that sooner or later he’d give me an ultimatum: “It’s me or the fish. One of us will have to go!”

Anyway, although I don’t eat meat, I don’t mind being around people who do and am happy to have sex with carnivores. And to be honest I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in the sexual abilities of meat-eaters and vegetarians. But I was wondering if other people feel that diet is a consideration when it comes to choosing a sexual partner.

If you are a vegetarian, is it unethical to have sex with a carnivore?
If you love meat, are vegetarians just a pain in the ass to be around?

Whaddya think?

Top Sex Toys?

Hmmm… here’s The Metro’s round up for the best sex gadgets of the last decade.
Top Sex Toys

Not sure I’d agree. And I reckon that at just under 5000 euro, Roxxxy the Sex Robot should have had better lingerie… But then I’m not exactly the target market.


Hands Up Ladies!

Handjobs are great. They offer great scope for creativity and are one of the easiest things to learn in the repertoire of sexual techniques. The old up and down technique with one hand is not always the best way to bring your partner to orgasm.

Using both hands offers much greater scope. Here are some tricks.
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