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Growing up with Prostitutes, sex work and danger

Interesting piece here about growing up with sex workers in the same building:
What it feels like to grow up with prostitutes

I have a similar experience…
My first apartment was in a dodgy part of town. The was a large escort agency around the corner and the city’s first strip club were just up the road. The streetwalkers were a few blocks down and the rent boys had a patch just beyond the shopping centre.

The sex workers themselves were friendly and there was never any hassle with them. When the director of the agency stopped me on the street and said he thought I’d be “perfect” for a job, I didn’t know whether to be insulted or pleased. I was eighteen and very innocent at the time (hard to believe but true…).

However, the johns were a constant source of annoyance. They seemed to think every woman in the area was involved in the sex trade. I got followed on a number of occasions by drunk men offering me money; shouted at; and generally verbally abused. I hate to think how they must have behaved with the women whose time they had ‘bought’ if they were that awful to me.

Recently, an Irish escort service has added a ‘dangerous customers’ section to its website. Read about that here: Prostitution website to identify dangerous punters

I wonder how much of our moral condemnation of sex work gives some people the belief that dehumanising these men and women is their right? I’m not saying that selling sex is a good idea – sex between freely consenting adults is what I promote – but surely we should be doing more to protect those marginalised by society and at risk from danger and abuse every day?