Monthly Archives: October 2009

Size matters!

A new research conducted by Victoria University into penis size and body image has discovered that size does matter to men, but chiefly in relation to how they shape up compared with other men.

According to the researchers, “Men are more concerned about how their overall body size compares to the perceived male ideal than they are about how their size might impact on their sexual relations.”

The study, which investigated the link between men’s penis size, body image and mental health, found that men who indicated a larger-than-average penis size had higher self esteem, better general health functioning and higher overall body satisfaction than those reporting an average or below-average sized penis. The study also revealed that men who were happy with the size of their penis were less likely to engage in online dating. Interesting…


Chantelle most promiscuous name?

In Britain, 4,000 people were asked what name would be the mostly likely to engage on first date or casual sex. For some reason, the Brits think women named Chantelle are the mostly likely to do this.

Woman were also asked what would be the name of a man that would most likely try to got for it on the first date. The answer: Dave (which is kinda funny to me as my brother is named David and girls love him… but he’s spoken for.)

The rest of the top 10 Promiscuous Names are: Stacy, Kelly, Chelsea, Tanya, Debbie, Becky, Vicky, Lisa and Michelle.

For the men, they are: Lee, Steve, Darren, Andy, Gary, Danny, Jason, Kevin and Callum.