Monthly Archives: August 2009

Oral Sex Tired Tongue Tip

Most woman appreciate oral sex, but sometimes guys find it hard work to make a woman climax this way. The worst thing a bloke can do is to stop as a woman is approaching orgasm. All this will do is prolong the process. Here’s a nifty trick if you are beginning to feel tongue strain.

Curl your tongue up against the outside of your upper lip. Keep the exposed backside of your tongue against her clitoris. Although you are not be doing anything with your tongue, the soft, wet sensation hasn’t been suddenly removed, disrupting the sensation of oral sex. You can press down on the clitoris with the back of your tongue creating pleasurable pressure or use your fingers to continue stimulating her.

Ever been too embarrassed to buy condoms?

According to an online survey, one in ten people have unsafe sex because they are too embarrassed to buy condoms. That’s awful but I sort of understand. Once, during my first sexual relationship, the boyfriend and I went into a chemist to pick up the necessary, but the old battleaxe behind the counter chased us out saying they didn’t stock “that filth”…

For years I was a little bit embarrassed about buying them myself, delegating it to whomever I was sleeping with, as a “man’s job” but on the occasions I did, I felt the need to buy all sorts of other things in the chemist, such as lipstick and hair pins, so that they wouldn’t think I’d stopped in just to get condoms. Silly I know…

Anyone have any similar tales?