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Q&A: Spots on my penis

Q&A: Spots on my penis

There are a number of different things that can cause spots on your genitals. Best case scenario its nothing serious. Skin oils can cause little white spots on the penis and these are harmless. Eczema can sometimes appear on the penis as well. The spots could also be papules (small inflamed pimples). Most are not serious, but it’s worth getting it checked out. Some forms of penile cancer can begin this way and some papules may be infectious. Herpes and secondary syphilis cause little ulcers on the penis as well.

Bottom line? Go and see a doctor. It’s not worth taking a chance with this.

New Q&A section

Hi all,

I keep getting loads of the same questions on Sexual Speaking (Red FM with the most excellent Victor Barry on Thursdays at 11:15pm) so I thought I’d answer some of them here.

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